25 February 2011

Claire Elizabeth turns ONE!

So technically it is still Claire's birthday in America. I was actually about to have her this very minute a year ago! It is hard to believe a year has gone by. I will remember this day so clearly for a looong time and I hope forever. I had dreamed of having a girl for so long and along she came. The anticipation leading up to having her was killer. It was worse than when having Elisha. I wanted nothing more than to cuddle her up in my arms and kiss that sweet head. And today I still can't get enough sweet kisses and cuddles from this very active one year old. You can read more of the story of her arrival by clicking HERE.

To my little sweet pea,

Today you are one. You have turned our world upside down. I really can not remember life without you and I don't want to. You've started to show quite a bit of personality. I thought they said your second child is opposite personality of your first. So here I've been thinking I'd have this calm and quiet little girl. Nope, not you! And I wouldn't have you any other way. You are into everything and love to talk. Any time music is on or someone is singing, you get to shakin it and attempt to sing along. I think you might have a career ahead of you, little rock star. You are quite the little eater, you love your veggies and no doubt meat. Your favorite is still avocado and last night you were munchin on grilled red bell peppers. Given the chance to eat ice cream and you squeal until it's yours. You absolutely love to play outside. You get a kick out of the dogs coming up to you and giving you any sort of attention. You don't think that way about your brother at the moment as you did a few months ago. Most of the time, if he gives you attention, it's to take a toy and you know it, so you scream at any look from your brother. There are those sweet moments though that you guys will play together and hug. VERY few moments though. I hope you will be best buds here soon. You came out with really dark hair. It then started to lighten up and fall out. The red has slowly gone but looks a bit strawberry now. You no longer have your Mohawk though. I'm happy to be able to put up a pony tail and big bow. You despise wearing hats but will gladly wear a bow. Any time we're around clothes, you start pulling them out and holding them up as though you were trying them on. (that could be dangerous, your liking to clothes so early!) You are still so petite. You can still wear 6 month old clothes. You notice baby dolls and immediately go to them and hug them. Other than that, you could care less what toy you play with. Actually you'd rather play with the remote or our cell phone. You love your bottle and I'm about to break your heart and take it away. Good thing you also love your sippy cup. You've started drinking fresh cows milk and love it. You are NOT taking steps yet. A few weeks ago you would take one or two but now the slightest hint of us trying to get you to walk and you immediately collapse to the ground. You do like to walk holding one of our hands or pushing something. And you can now go from sitting to standing on your own, especially if you have something in your hand you really like and want to show us. You like to point at everything and let us know which way you want to go. You also say "dis" and point to what you want. You love to clap and will do it if we say "piga makofi" which is clap your hands in Swahili. I can sing you to sleep unlike Elisha. You are now sleeping through the night again now that we are "home". You really are just a joyful and pleasant sweet baby girl. We are so in love with you and couldn't be more thankful to have you as a gift from God. I look forward to watching you grow and develop into a stunningly beautiful young lady. I love being your mommy. Claire, Happy Birthday. You will always be my little sweet pea and your daddy's baby girl. And when you're a rock star, we'll always be your number one fan. We love you!

And now for a good dose of Claire pictures...

We gave her a chair for her birthday. She loves sitting in little chairs.

Our team leaves today but they stayed just long enough to celebrate Claire's day with us for lunch. I made an ice cream cake and ordered brownies at the coffee shop.

Big brother gave her a little Cinderella doll. (but now he has been playing with it since)

We put on our birthday outfit from her Grandma and had a photo shoot in our yard.

i love those chubby hands in the red Kenyan dirt

big brother showing the love. her needing a nap.

not sure how i managed to get such a cool snap.

I'm one!


standing so pretty.

my sunshine.


The Beavers said...

WONDERFUL pictures, Kim! She is awesome and so big!

~natalie said...

adorable pictures. =)

Sam said...

Happy birthday Claire =) she's very beautiful, and y'all are wonderful parents! God bless you!

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