18 January 2011

we. are. family.

We've been on the road non-stop since being in the states. It's a pure joy too. We really enjoy getting to visit people all over and share about the incredible lives that are rescued, redeemed and how through these lives, the Kingdom of God is released in a dying world. This past weekend we visited friends in Corpus Christi and were overwhelmed by their welcome to us (as we are everywhere we've been) and also so excited to hear how much their Awana's kids had raised for Cows for Christmas. I'll show more pics and talk more on that in my next post.

For now, it's about our babies, as in our biological children. I'm so thankful to have such easy going kiddos. They've hit a few rough spots in our travels all over the place the last few months. For the most part though, they are champs at traveling. I remember during Elisha's first year, Bud started this blog and basically handed it over to me. I wasn't very interested at all in writing on here. But with it being our first baby, and with new kids at Mattaw, it became very easy to find something to update on. I look back and blogged A LOT about Elisha. No doubt, I love Claire just the same, but life has become a bit more, um, FULL. The other day I busted out the camera and was going to take both of the kids pictures together but Elisha ended up falling asleep and I figured Claire needs her fill of first year baby pictures anyways. So out we went in the cool weather and got some great snaps in my parents backyard. I just love this little sweet pea! So here's my baby girl, 11 months old in one week!

And guess who got a haircut?! This handsome little dude. I brought a hairy monster into a cute little kids haircut place, and came out with one handsome little boy....

Who still runs around like a sweet monster. And doesn't like to get his picture taken. But handsome non the less!

And guess who is trying to stand and walk?! I can't believe the time is coming for her to start walking. Elisha was walking by 10 months. I'm not so sure this little princess wants to though. Oh sure, she could if she really wanted, at least I think so. But she sure likes to be held.

And this picture was just hilarious. My cousin came to visit us at my parents house and we got to talking and I got busy in the kitchen and forgot where Claire was since she was so quiet. I asked where she was and remembered I sat her in a high chair for a snack. So we looked over and found this...



The Beavers said...

Wow, Kim. Both of the kids have changed so much it seems! They both are looking so much older than I feel like they should be:) I think it's Claire's big girl clothes, right? Please tell me it's the clothes and that she really isn't 11 months old!!
And yeah, Elisha looks adorable!
Love you all!

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