13 January 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So I've got to tell a story. One about two people falling in love. It happened four years ago today! There's A LOT I don't remember about our big day, but a lot I do. Like saying "I do". I know that I know that I said "I do". The morning of our wedding I woke up very cold. Not in my heart but in the air. We were in west Texas. TEXAS. Where you think it never snows. Oh but that day it did. It iced over and not as many were able to come as planned. I was a wreck. The biggest deal was that my grandma wasn't going to make it. I ended up crying it out and sticking my face in a bowl of water and ice. No really, I did that. I read about it one time in a magazine in an article written by Cher. Yes, Cher, as in Sunny and Cher. I know, random. But it worked. The redness and swelling went away and I focused on the main thing, marrying my prince charming. The ceremony happened, the music was beautiful, everyone in the wedding party made it, they were all beautiful too. We repeated vows. Bud stumbled through the part "through richer or poor" and everyone got a good laugh out of that. We drank sour milk. I got all blotchy from all the excitement, emotions and nerves. And then it came to the part where we wrap it up, they announce you are husband and wife and then there's THE kiss. You know, everyone stares awkwardly and my dad sees me kiss a boy for the first time in my life. But it's a big build up to that point. It's supposed to be this big romantic scene. Well, let me just admit that ours wasn't. Because of me. Bud and I had not practiced how we were going to kiss. Oh wait, but we DID kiss. A lot! Every time I'd bring it up, he'd always give me a hard time about it and joke that he would shove his tongue down my throat. Ew, gag. (if you know Bud, I'm sure you can hardly believe he'd joke about such a thing! that's a bunch of sarcasm in my voice) So when it came time for THE kiss, he went in for one and I barely kissed him then backed up super quick. As in I popped my head back as quick as I could. Epic fail! Haha. But everyone got a good laugh and now when it comes time to talk about our wedding, every time Bud likes to tell that story. So that's why I chose this particular picture above. I gladly will kiss my husband and today it's a big fat one to celebrate FOUR years of marriage. Four doesn't sound long, especially compared to my parents celebrating forty this year. But for us it's a huge celebration. In our marriage we've been through quite A LOT and it's a huge praise to Jesus that today in our marriage we are healthy, happy and more in love today than we've ever been. So here's to four, cheers baby! I look forward to many more and couldn't be more thankful to be on this amazing journey in Jesus with you Bud.


Mercy Nguyo said...

That's a cute story :) Loove the pic.

Mercy Nguyo said...

Congratulations!! Many many more blessings to you guys! Love y'all!!

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