20 January 2011


As I said before, this past weekend we visited friends in Corpus Christi.

And might I add, the weather was 65 degrees and we were very happy.

Sunday night we spoke at Brighton Park Baptist Church. It was SUCH a great time of sharing. Bud and I were just enjoying sharing together and bouncing off each others stories about this past year at Mattaw. Our prayer is that Jesus was honored in all we said and did, and that hearts were encouraged and touched by what sweet Jesus is doing through the lives of children in Kenya. Sometimes when we go to speak places we are given a very strict time, like 13 minutes. Or 7 minutes. And that is way harder than giving us an entire service to talk. I'd think the longer, the more nervous I'd be, but really it's those short spurts of having to sum up everything about Mattaw and what we do, who we are, what went on this past year, and what is coming up this year. Now that is incredibly difficult. But we just keep surrendering our hearts and minds to Jesus and ask Him to use us to be his mouth piece... and He does. Not that I'm perfect by ANY means. We probably make a fool out of ourselves sometimes. And that's ok too. ;-)

But anywho, this past sunday night we had around 25 minutes. Bud and I forgot to look at the time before we went up to speak and we hadn't really timed out how long our slideshow was or who would talk on what story for how long. Thank goodness though we were just ourselves and laughed and cried and just had a ball. (i feel like my mom when i say we "had a ball". haha) And (I think) we wrapped it up close to on time.

The best part of the night was at the end when they prayed for us and brought up their children's ministry to present to Mattaw Children's Village the final amount they raised for "Cows for Christmas". I was ASTONISHED, to say the least. Really I just cant do anything but thank the Lord for the response people have to provide for the orphans that come into Mattaw. Our Papa knows our needs and comes through without us having to do any works. Good thing! I'd screw it up if any bit of what we do depends on our efforts. Yes, we say and do what He leads, so in a sense there is the doing. But really, its just resting in Jesus and trusting Holy Spirit to lead and direct each time we take a step of faith.

SO, I have to praise Jesus for what he did through a group of kiddos at this church. KIDS, is what I said people! There's SO many more stories I have to share of how children in America are helping Children in Africa. So cool.

Jessica, my friend in Corpus and who teaches some of the children, was the first one to email me in response to us having a fundraiser for "Cows for Christmas" this past year. I am so honored to call her friend. Well, they went ALL out. It was great hearing all the stories. Like decorating their entire car to look like a big 'ol cow. The boys and girls had a competition between each other to see who could raise the most. They made these adorable little boxes with cow spots and went around collecting donations. Jessica was the leader of the girls, and another man, Wayne, was for the boys. Whoever lost had to dye their hair a funky color and wear it to church Sunday morning. Well, girls lost, and Jessica had to go BLUE! To be a good sport, Wayne went PINK as well. Here are some of the pictures..

We had such a great weekend and were VERY welcomed by the church family there. And they fed us some good food ;-). Much thanks to all that welcomed us and gave towards Mattaw Children's Village.

And now...

drum roll please.....

The amount the children aimed for was $3,500.....

The amount raised before the night service was.................................


And the amount given right after, made a total of........


INCREDIBLE. Did I mention children did this??? (of course, I'm sure A LOT of mom's and dad's and church members were involved :-)

THANK YOU once again, and again, and again.

More stories to come....


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