16 October 2010

Updates in pictures

Has it really almost been a week since I have updated?! Time is getting away from me! But that is quite alright. Rather than feeling I'm holding on to the edge of my seat, it's more of soaring and resting in Jesus. So I finally got some pictures from Betsy's camera. These will be in no particular order.

You remember me mentioning Betsy? She is staying in our guesthouse and volunteering at Mattaw. She is still here! We're blessed to have her here. We celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. We went to pinewood for dinner then back to our house for birthday cake and games with friends. Fun night!

I refused to let her make her own birthday cake. But maybe I should of let her make the icing! I tried making it very purple and ended up putting an entire thing of food coloring in the icing which apparently the coloring is salty so the yummy cream cheese icing turned out being super salty. Ha! And it dyes your teeth. Hee hee.
Me, Betsy, Meredith
Roger, Sean, Mer... playing the bowl game.
BBB "Betsy's Birthday Bash" (I was running out of icing and got creative)
Betsy. Me. At Pinewood.
Our friends and us at Pinewood.
Our girls playing soccer... or they call it futbol.... ok the entire world calls it football except for America. They played a great game. They lost 1-0 but still had fun.

Gracie and I

Our teachers, house moms, and house aunties cheering on the girls. Our kids have many mama's! It was hilarious watching these women coach the girls and encourage them.

This would be my amazing studly hubby with some of our beautiful kiddos... Lucy, Euni, and Mary(Clementine)
Two boys currently staying with us. (I will reserve their story for an entire post) You will think I'm crazy... oh right, i am! (you did see the first picture on this right?!)
September birthday party out at Mattaw. These balloons continue to be such a hit! (some people on a team brought them last year, thank yall!)
Georgie, busted digging into the crumbs left from the cake. Good for him, it was his party after all! Can you believe he is now TWO?!
Found this one on Betsy's camera too.... from our trip to the Kenya coast this past August.... ahhhhhh..... soaking it in all over again and wishing this was my view at the moment!
Thank you all for keeping up with this! I love you all so much.

(But mostly I love my mama and mother in law, who are who I really keep this updated for ;) )


NeNe said...

And I love you and so love every morsel of your world that you share. We've got to work on getting GiGi on line again too. Keep the great posts rolling. I want to hear more about the two boys you've added. NeNe.

The Beavers said...

Gracie is adorable! And glad to see the bowl game is still going strong!

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