10 October 2010

milk, swimming, and birthdays

A recap of the last few days....

I have weaned Claire. I waited until the last minute. I'm getting my eyes fixed while in the states and I have to be not nursing for 3 months prior. (not sure why) Otherwise, I very well could have nursed her until she would have been able to walk up to me and ask for my milk. Haha. I'm serious! I feel this is our last baby, at least that I birth, not adopt, so I guess I'm hangin onto every bit of Claire being a baby that I can. But who knows, one day I might have 10 and look back and laugh at this thought.

So I can now resume normal life as we know it. Sort of. I've gone places for longer periods of time away from Claire. A bit freeing but at the same time I'm happy to get back to her. And training for a 1/2 marathon will be a bit more easier.

I am thankful no one has hugged me hard this past week. (I know, I know, too much information.)

She transitioned to a bottle and formula VERY easily. I was surprised. Well, the first few days, she wouldn't go to sleep unless she was nursed. I had already started feeding her 2-3 times a day with solid food so I think that helped. She is now eating baby oatmeal, avocado, pear, apple, and banana. I make most of it from scratch but we just started getting baby food from S. Africa in the supermarkets here and it's good stuff, so when I'm lazy I pop out a jar. Elisha is a little helper from time to time...

Geoffrey had a Dr's appointment last week so he came and hung out at our house. It's always fun to get to focus in on one child. Elisha is always so sweet and loves having visitors to play and watch movies with.

I think I can say that Claire is officially crawling. She doesn't go anywhere quick or by first choice after she is put on the floor, but she is taking at least 4-5 crawls/steps at a time. So I'd call that officially crawling. She is looking so much like her brother did at this age but with lots of pink and bows and a sweet princess smile. She is so full of joy!

I just love this picture. Pure bliss! Looks like she is just soaking in the sun.

Playing with big brother
Saturday morning I went out to get all our girls to take them to town with our house moms. They went to get their braids taken out and their hair washed and blow dried. They have this done so that they can get their hair braided again. Our house two mom, Christabelle, is awesome at doing hair, so she does all our girls hair. While they went to the salon, I took Noah, Elisha and Claire to the pool.

Last week we had September birthdays. Ok, so I was a few days late. I decided to give Clementine her birthday this month since it's kinda like her new birth-day into a new family. She caught on quickly to how birthdays go. The birthdays we celebrated were for Rose, Georgie, and Clementine.

And then my camera died! So I will continue this later. And also pictures from the soccer game on Friday. Our kids have been practicing hard for the game they went and played against another ministry not far from ours. It's a catholic based street kid rescue center. Last time we lost, this time our boys won!!!

Bud is off working away on construction. We have our friends coming in three weeks to work on the video for Mattaw. I'm SOOOO excited to have my friend Dalene here!!!!!! Bud will then build house three and have it be on the video. So exciting! Our waiting list of kids that need a home is growing. Gotta get more houses and parents!


bob said...

Great post Kimbali !

The Beavers said...

So glad to see pictures of your sweet kiddos. How the heck are they growing up so fast??!!

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