19 October 2010

Jose and Kai

I mentioned before that I needed to tell you a story. About how crazy love can make you. When I'm so loved up and bubbling over from Jesus, I tend to see through his eyes, not my own. And to the world it might be a bit crazy but it's all Jesus so I can just say it's His fault! :) You know I'm all about loving the one in front of you. That's one of the main themes that one of my hero's, Heidi Baker, says. It's a very simple truth to live by. Just love the one in front of you. Stop for the one. Don't get too busy, notice who Jesus has put around you.

So, several weeks ago I was doing just that. When I'd go to town for groceries or what not, I'd notice this little boy. He is known as Christopher and also as Jose. Oh, and Victor. But he is Jose to me. He told me that is what his mom used to call him so I like that name for him. He looks about 8 years old. I started trying to get his story. A lot of kids living on the street have parents. It obviously is usually a broken family they are coming from. Maybe there is no food at home so they go looking on the streets and begging. Or they like to rebel and not have rules on the street and anyone telling them what to do. Or they are deceived into thinking that sniffing glue will make them feel good, look cool to older street boys, and take away any pain they have (whether it be emotional hurt or hunger pain or it being cold at night). I hate glue. I hate bondage. I hate what the devil tricks kids into. But I love, love, love to see the power and love of Jesus show up in a child and overcome poverty and bondage. And that is what I have gotten to see this past week. It is WONDERFUL! Oh, I love to see what Jesus promises in his word happen. So before I continue on my rant of being preachy, I'll finish the story of Jose.

I've been trying to get his full story. Or at least an idea of it. He is from Turkana. Not sure if his mom died or dad, but one of them. Then the other one left him and somehow he ended up on a bus from Turkana to Kitale. Turkana is desert, not much food sometimes. Kitale has rain a lot, and grows the majority of maize for the entire country. So they think you come to Kitale, the land flowing with milk and maize. Not so much. They find there is also poverty here and get sucked in. I would hang out with Jose. One day Bud and Humphrey (our social worker) took Jose to another street kid rescue center to see if they knew him. They did. He was there a year ago and ran away. This place is a rescue center only, not a permanent home for children. Their focus is to rescue kids off of the street as soon as possible and get them back with their families. Logic to a child that has lived on the streets is not so great. So one little negative comment and they could want to run away. So who knows what happened. I just know he needed to be off the street, pronto. Our children's home is focused on complete orphans or abandoned children, not street kids. But I just knew he needed to be off the streets. Call it discernment, love, or stupidity. Whatever you want. But I just knew he needed to be off the streets. So then one day, it was evening, around 5. I had to go to town to get last minute groceries. I was by myself. I was just enjoying some lovey music on the way to town. The kind that makes you want to love everyone around you. I could of just hugged the person checking me out, but no doubt they would of given me a strange look. I got my groceries and went to get in the car. Then I saw him, Kai. Kai is another boy. He looks about 5 or 6. And has the most adorable eyes and smile. He walked with me to my car. I saw older boys harass him a bit and give him glue to sniff on. I called him over to the car after me getting in. All the other boys followed too. At first I thought about punching the older boys but realized that would be of no benefit in the long run. I asked what his story was. Then I saw a young guy walk by that I know, so I asked him to come over and translate. They all were saying that Kai comes from Kakamega. It is a few hours away. His mom died and dad is an alcoholic and chased him away, so he came to Kitale. Say WHAT?! So I asked him if he wanted to come home and go to school. He did. So I just picked him up. Only thing he had to do was give up that nasty glue bottle. And he did. I called Bud on the way and told him I kinda just picked up a new child. He laughed and said ok I'll see y'all when you get home. Bud welcomed him with arms wide open. We let him bathe and found some new pajamas. He ate a pb&j sandwich, drank some chai, and sat in our living room watching a movie and fell asleep very early. The next morning he woke up with a smile. It was Sunday and we were going out to Mattaw for church. On the way we stopped in town to buy bread, jam and tea to have with the church. As we were leaving we see Jose. He was so blastedly high on glue and running out in the middle of the street. Bud was driving, I said "there's Jose! stop!". We pulled over and asked if he wanted to come to church with us. He did. We said the only thing required to come is to give up the glue. He did. So Jose and Kai went to church with us. We just prayed on the way out that Jesus would sober up Jose. He was so loud and into everything in the car. We got there and everyone was already singing and dancing. The boys sat with us in the back. Half way through, Jose fell asleep on me. We brought them home with us after church and the rest is history!

The first 3-4 days we could tell Jose was having a hard time with breaking the addiction of glue. He would get jittery and we'd just love on him and give him chai with lots of sugar or raw sugar cane to chew on. (we were told both of those things help) He hasn't once indicated wanting to go back to the street. I actually asked them a few days ago and they were quick to say they never want to go back. Kai hasn't been on the street long and it's obvious because he wasn't addicted to glue. And he is not very rude and has some manners. We've been teaching the boys manners. The first few days Jose was pretty stubborn not to say please and thank you and just grab whatever he wanted. That whole poverty mentality. Just after a week and he is sure to say please and thank you before and after every meal.

Three years ago we did this with two other boys, Ian and Daniel. Daniel ran away so much and eventually we had to let him go. Thankfully he is now in another street kid home. And as most of you know, Ian is now our son. So this is kind of a repeat of them. Kai is so much like Ian was. Very reserved, quiet, but can be loud, but overall friendly and shy. Jose is much like Daniel was. Rude, loud, sweet as can be, charming and outgoing. But this time, without comparing the two all the time, we have great hopes that Jose will not be drawn back to the street as easily. The day after we got them, we took them to the Dr. Jose only had jiggers in his feet so they dug one out. (bugs that burrow in your feet and hands) Kai ended up having typhoid, but we got him on medicine and is over it now. We also started them in school out at Mattaw to see how they would do as we continue to seek the Lord for direction on a permanent solution for them. They are doing SOO great. The teachers are impressed with them. They are eager to learn and follow directions. I was so happy to hear this! They were begging for uniforms so they'd be like the other children, so we got them. They are so confident in them!

If you knew us, you'd know the last thing we "need" would be for two kids to come live with us off the streets BUT when love invades and Jesus leads, he provides all the strength, time, love, patience, and provision needed to care for them. I don't know, I guess sometimes you just can't put words to what you feel deep within and what you are going through. I know nothing actually. My answer is "LOVE WINS". That is all.



We gave Jose a pedicure. He had some terrible sores on his feet.

digging another jigger out of his foot

More updates to come on these little boys that have been transformed from rough street kids to loving children that belong somewhere.


The Beavers said...

Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you for loving them for all of us:)

Lindsay said...

Kai is little Mr. Photogenic, in the picture with ya'll digging jiggers, he's posing in the background, so sweet.

NeNe said...

Talk about wwjd! The light is definitely overcoming darkness. Love does win.Ne.

Mercy Nguyo said...

Kimberly! You guys rock!!! Awesome...Love conquers all :) am blessed your updates totally :) you remind me of so much miss out there in Kitale... I just wanna come back!!! :)

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