07 October 2010

My baby boy and Chicken-B

Have I mentioned lately on here how in love I am with a little boy.... he's two.... and the cutest little boy in the world. I'm sure you could just google cutest little two year old in the world, and he'd pop up first thing!

The past few days, out of now where, the skies have opened up and BUCKETS of rain has poured out. It's ridiculous. It is supposed to be dry season right now, or at least transitioning into it with little rain. Apparently Bud read a news paper article in one of the Kenyan papers that said somewhere around here it is raining frogs and fish. They say it literally is. Hmmm. Well, day three of this rain now and I might start believing it! They also just grated our roads to be nice and smooth again. It now cuts the time in half that it used to take to drive out of our neighborhood to get to town. But then the rains came. So if it stops, there's still hope for nice, non pot hole roads.

Anywho, so the transformer that our house is connected to blew yesterday. We haven't had power for two nights and barely any during the day. This morning my computer was dead (meaning no admin work for me!) and my phone was dying. I was sitting on the front porch when this cute little blond sneaks up and jumps in my lap. If you know Elisha, you know he is full of energy and loves to wrestle and play hard. Not this morning. I put all aside and just snuggled with him as long as he would let me. I thought surely he was going to fall asleep since he was being so still and sweet and snuggly. But no, he just sat in my lap as I rocked him, sang to him, wiped his face with my spit, looked into his blue eyes and recalled how great over the past two years have been with him in my life, prayed over him, loved him, sang silly songs, sang songs to Jesus over him and the list goes on. This went on for over an hour! What a great morning. Some days are chaotic, in the best way possible. Our to do list never ends and we usually don't look at the whole picture but take it one day at a time. Live slowly, love deeply. (said a wise one) But today, no to do list for me! Just sit and love on my baby boy. And not take for granted one of the gifts God has given us. sigh. ::::heart melting::::

Everyone has night guards around here. It's protocol. Pretty much just so you have the presence of someone, then no one usually bothers. One of ours lives somewhat outside of town. He's been inviting Bud to come and visit his home and meet all his family. So Bud had a free morning this past weekend and went. Elisha was eager to go for a ride with his Baba, so it turned into a great father/son outing. Bud decided to take his time and soak in life in the village for a bit. The further you go into the bush, it seems the slower your watch moves. I was thankful Claire took a long nap and I got the house to myself. Bonus! Bud said once Elisha warmed up, he ran around with a bunch of the village kids. Our night guard took Bud around his farm and introduced him to his family and neighbors. They insisted on feeding them lunch, so to be polite, they ate. Kenyans are so hospitable, even if they have nothing. It's a huge lesson I keep learning from them. And they don't take no for an answer very easily! At the end of their visit, Elisha was given a chicken as a gift. Yep, a chicken. I call him Chicken-B. (Last year we were given Chicken-A. Keep reading and you can assume what happened to Chicken-B, also happened to Chicken-A).

So here is Chicken-B
Yep, she is tied to a part of a bed in our garage.
Kinda like you tie a dog, you know you can tie a chicken?

At first Elisha was happy to show me Chicken-B. Then I asked if we could eat it, and he started to tell us "shhhh..... he go night night". He did NOT want me to touch it.

Betsy wanted to go see Chicken-B but Elisha was very firm to tell her NO!
(wow, our dog looks deathly ill)

I wanted a picture of Chicken-B and Elisha. His first chicken gift. It seemed right that I should take a picture of them together. Elisha thought otherwise!

He did not want to touch or see Chicken-B again. And he didn't. Well, at least until it came time to eat dinner....

What kind of creature should live long lookin like this anyways???

He might of looked crazy and like he has a mo-hawk.... but he sure did taste good that night! Elisha thought so too. We decided not to mention it was Chicken-B.


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