26 October 2010


I can hardly believe my baby girl is now eight months old! I'm pretty sure I skipped the seven month update so here's to eight! Cheers baby girl!

My little princess,
You're growing so fast before our eyes. You are one little ball of joy that hardly cries. Although you are learning when brother takes something from you, you have a little princess squeal that keeps getting louder! You are such an easy baby, I'm very thankful for that. Your world just changed now that you can crawl. You don't sit down for long, off you go when you are put down. Your dad cracked up the other day when he caught you chasing an ant across the floor. The ants here are huge! You're a great sleeper. Just like your dad you like to be up for the party at night but sleep late in the morning. I wish your brother caught on! You now have three teeth and one or two about to bust through. You've been a little trooper with teething. Although you often wake up at least once in the night when teething. Other than that, you sleep through the night. That makes for one happy mama. You love Violet, she takes care of you some during the week. Actually you love everyone, you are such a people person. You'd rather be outside, when it gets noisy and in close quarters you like to break out of that atmosphere. When people start talking all around you and laughing or yelling, you like to squeal really loud to get everyones attention. You are now pulling up on everything you can get your hands on. I see a lot of determination in you. I thought maybe you'd be more laid back since your brother was so active, but no, you're full of life and a baby on the move! Your pick of toys, if you can get your hands on them, are cars not baby toys. You love frozen bananas, though they make a horrid mess. The food you eat the best is avocados, so weird, but healthy and cheap! (at least here in kenya they are) I have no idea what your weight, height, and head size is. You are such a healthy baby and we don't ever go to the Dr. You are still mostly wearing 3-6 months clothes though. And some 6-12. I'm so grateful for you. Your father and I absolutely adore you. You are such a gift to us. I love you my little 8 month old pumpkin!

The pumpkins here are not like the big orange ones in America, but they are pumpkins. We've been seeing on peoples facebooks, posting of pumpkin patches and most of them being with kids. So to be festive, we joined in the fun. I also made some orange peanut butter rice crispy treats that Elisha helped me make. He did not like his marshmallows disappearing though! We kind of had a melt down. (ha, no pun intended) The same day we decided to take pictures, the same day I got a sweet halloween package in the mail from my mama. Thank you mama! It was full of fun halloween treats and some shirts for the kids. Perfect timing!

He still hasn't caught on how to smile right when I tell him to say cheese.

sweet kisses

she just wanted to stand

But after many tries, we finally got a good one! (with a bit of drool)

Now that I have a freezer full of pumpkin, I must get to baking! Going to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones, pumpkin soup, pumpkin cornbread... oh yummm. OH, AND (drum roll please....) Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!!!! We figured out how to make one pretty similar to starbucks. I guess I am thankful for the rains that are still coming, it makes for a nice atmosphere to enjoy fall flavored drinks! :-))))


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