20 October 2010

Caleb, Mary, JOY!

This has to be quick... I'm about to run out the door to take our boys to school and then pick a friend and go fabric shopping.... will share on what the fabric is for soon!

This past Saturday we went to see Caleb. Caleb graduates from high school this year. They had prayers this past weekend at his school for those about to take their exams to graduate. He starts today with tests and takes them for two weeks. Then he comes home! Caleb will be part of the next generation to make a better Kenya. We love him so much. And so do our kids...

It was the first outing in a while that it was just Bud and I with Claire and Eli. It was a great day. Oh, we went to Eldoret, did I mention that? Caleb's school is outside of Eldoret.

I LOVE this picture. My handsome hubby with his beautiful princess.

A few days ago we did a home delivery to a family that is supported through our ministry. We just delivered some basic food. A new friend of ours came with us. She is from Canada and so much fun to be around! She got a gag gift for someones birthday but happened to have it in the car so we busted it out... the kids were a bit freaked out at first but then just giggled.

This is Lucas and Mary. Mary was found by a group from a team that came a few years ago. They were prayer walking in the village around Mattaw and came upon her. She was basically left to die because they thought she had something like leprosy. Turned out she was only malnourished. They now come to church at Mattaw and she is doing great. She is now sponsored by one of the women that found her.
I LOVE love LOVE Sunday mornings at Mattaw. This is our little home church. Everyone should praise God like the Africans in my personal opinion!!!! It is so much fun and FULL of joy. Nothing compares to dancing and singing around with our kids and Kenyan family on a Sunday morning. The past few months we had a transition in house one parents. The new one are INCREDIBLE. God took a trough trial and turned it for good. This is an entire post in and of itself BUT, but, BUT, things out at Mattaw with the kids and the atmosphere is the best it's ever been. There is so much joy and freedom amongst the children. And you can feel it on a Sunday morning. That's why I love Sunday mornings.


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