03 November 2010

A few updates

Well, I have forgotten my camera the past week everywhere we have been. So this might be a rather boring update since I know you just love pictures!

The children at Mattaw are doing so great. Our new boys, Jose and Kai, are doing so stinkin amazing. I could just jump up and down and do cartwheels with excitement because of what Jesus has done in their life. They have no desire to be back on the street or ever touch glue again. They are getting along with the other children and realizing more everyday that they are now part of the family. They are doing great in school. We've advanced Jose to first grade since he had been to school some years ago and picked up quickly. They are both so eager to learn, just as the rest of our children are. It's nothing like in America where a lot of children dread waking up to go to school. They hop out of bed early with great anticipation of going to school. They understand it is a privilege and don't take it for granted. I mean, of course kids will be kids but for the most part they are every teachers dream. We are about to have our children start making Christmas cards to send to all their sponsors. We'll also include a little surprise gift from the kids, nothing big but thoughtful. I will mail them out as soon as we are stateside the first week of December. We haven't exactly figured out the best way to communicate with sponsors at this point. Postage is so expensive and we want all funds to go directly towards our children without a lot of overhead cost. So getting letters written from sponsors to this side and then having the child reply and get it back to the states gets a bit tricky. We are in Africa, ya know? We just need someone solely devoted to this area, I trust God will provide! I'm just speaking my mind here.

It has appeared this past week that rainy season is transitioning to dry season. We actually got to go for a swim this past weekend. Elisha was as happy as a tornado in a trailer park! (name that movie) Claire is just a little happy camper to be anywhere out doors and around people. Speaking of the princess, she has been sick. Blah! We're pretty sure it was a combination of malaria and teething. Her and I have had quite a few sleepless nights lately. I am hoping it is all gone tonight. It was so sad though to see her sick and weak. She didn't want to play, too tired to crawl, just would lay in either mine or Bud's arms and kinda jabber. After a few doses of malaria meds and she was back to herself. Thank God!

We have friends flying in on Monday! I am so thrilled. This is the couple that will do a short film for Mattaw. So Bud has been extremely busy prepping house three. We will build up the walls in two days. Can't wait! It also means he has been a hard workin man of the late. Tonight we are going for a date. We usually have lunch dates from time to time but to go out at night for dinner is a treat. Betsy is so sweet to watch the kiddos for us.

No Halloween pictures here. I was going to put Elisha's dinosaur/lizard costume on him and take a picture for fun, but we never got around to it and he really could care less. From time to time he puts it on so maybe I'll get a snap of him one day soon. All I did for Halloween was make a reeces peanut butter and chocolate frozen cheesecake. Yes, it was divine. And almost too rich. We also had friends over to eat Mexican food and play games. Loads of fun and lots of laughter.

Well, that's about it for now. Next time I'll work on getting pictures. And a big thanks over and over again to those that have responded to pitching in for cows for Christmas at Mattaw! The fundraiser for cows is still going on!


Mercy Nguyo said...

Wow! What a blessing for the kids! Jose and Kai God loves them soo much :) can't wait to see you in Nairobi this week!

bob said...

Love these blog posts ! See you in a month...

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