18 September 2010

Links I Love

I don't have picture updates today but I thought I'd post a post I haven't. Since nothing is all that consistent in my life anyways, why keep what I post on here that way? I do intend for my next post to be about our beautiful children out at Mattaw, so check back if that's the only reason you read this!

While in the states this last time, we spent a good chunk of time. Mostly the reason being that we were having our second child. I have a toddler (who is, gulp, about to be preschool age!) and so while in the states I got to live life as a mom with a toddler (obvious statement). I discovered just how much our culture is time oriented, schedule oriented, party oriented, event oriented, and a people on the move. None of these things bad, just a different lifestyle than here. We would go to birthday party's, story time at the library, outings at the park, lots of play dates, and so on. I did a book study on parenting with a group of other young mothers (although I didn't make most of them since it was the end of my pregnancy and Claire being born). There was also a motherhood retreat I went on. Then I had the option of mothers day out and mothers of preschool program, which I never ended up making or signing up for since time management is not always my strength, especially if it's not necessary. Elisha also went to many nursery's and got to socialize and have crafts and such, like at church or the gym. All these things great, I miss having the options, but really I'm perfectly content with where we are. I just realized yesterday that Elisha had not left our house/yard/compound in over a week, I believe. Which at this age, I think it's so ok. Last night at a barbecue we went to, he got to practice social skills and did pretty good (except for trying to beat up Zoe for getting on his mound of pillows, she's 2). So my point is, in the states there are many options and opportunities for moms and their kids to do. Here, it looks different. I have three friends here with a child that is my childs' age. One just left to be in the states for a chunk of time, one is about to come back from being gone for a chunk of time and the other, must I remember or I shall cry, (hold breath) is about to move to South Africa. People come and they go. (remember I started this out saying nothing is consistent? this would be one of those areas) It's just nice to talk with other moms that have kids your kids age. Just to be normal you know? Exchange ideas, find out what works for them and what doesn't. Find out your kid is perfectly normal for their quirks. All that mommy chat. So I sometimes resort to the internet to find my fix on mommy talks. I have a few different blogs I will read up on from time to time, not consuming myself in these other peoples lives that I hardly, if barely, or if at all know. It's just good to get other ideas and encouragment. And find out how normal it is with kids when it feels totally un-normal. Like for example: while I'm typing this blog I just looked over to find my son got a bowl that holds coaster, dumped the coaster out, sucked juice out of his sippy cup, spit the juice in the bowl and proceeded to wash his hands in it. Rather than getting onto him I just think "at least he wants to wash his hands". I was going to share a few and if you have any that you enjoy and find encouraging or helpful, please do share!

some general mom/parenting ones being:

some everyday moms blogs being:

wearethatfamily.com, because she has a bit older kids and similar passions with africa and Jesus and such
babybangs.com, because we both have similar aged/gender kids and she write posts like this one that crack me up
mycharmingkids.net, because she is down to earth, eats organic but not limited to it, has "going all natural tips", all sorts of mommy tips, and some good recipes

I just have to remember I don't know these people and just check their blogs from time to time because I know how it feels to meet someone for the first time and they know way more about you than you know about them simply from reading their blog. (that comment was not to scare you off, but to say "MAKE A COMMET!")

and i LOVE, love, love: pioneerwoman.com, mostly for awesome recipes and a good laugh every now and then

and just for fun, although not mom themed, I like these too:

bakerella.com, the cake ball recipe is fabulous! we are making them Wednesday for a friend's birthday
sewmamasew.com, even thought I can't sew, it looks so fun on this website and by looking at it, it makes me think I will one day
healthytippingpoint.com, because I too like to eat healthy and run 1/2 marathons

So, tell me what links you love???

And I just found a pic I decided I'd post...

This is Zoe and Elisha watching a movie in Eli's room. She came over last week. They had fun. About as much fun as two two year olds can have. She is SUCH a sweet and precious little girl.


the Chans said...

did you know that the family behind "we are that family" has started maternity house in Kenya? I am pretty sure it is the same one.

Mattaw Children's Village said...

i do know that! we are communicating via email. very cool what they are doing, its mercy house

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