20 September 2010

A good dose of pictures

Few words, many pictures. Enjoy.

Good morning! When my hair is not combed before bed, this is what happens the next morning...

We got a sweet package in the mail this past week. Goldfish and fruit snacks for Eli, gerber puffs and teething tablets for Claire, and some other goodies. (Well, the teething tablets were more so for me!) Elisha decided he'd enjoy his foreign snack in his sister's chair...
The rains are slowly going and the weather most days is SO nice... had to get some snaps enjoying the beautiful weather in our yard...
front yard
Standing! Almost crawling. Still flops on belly and army crawls. (check out those cute chubby legs!)
Night night.
Daisy and Claire
Daisy. Claire. Euni.
Joshua. (the son of our new potential house parents)
Lucy, learning how to pose from Betsy and I.
Geoffrey. Pray for this sweet boy. He was pretty sick again this past week but doing better. If you know Geoffrey, you know it is so hard to get him to smile for the camera!
Pauline and Claire.
Mercy and Christine. Pray for these two. They will be in house three and are currently coming to our school until then. Their home life is pretty rough.


NeNe said...

great pics of All.

The Beavers said...

I was really needing a good dose of pictures! Claire is growing so much and looks like the sweetest little thing! And I love Elisha in his BIG BOY BED!! Does he love it?

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