16 September 2010

Nairobi and Birthdays

This week we went to Nairobi. It was last minute we decided to go. That's kinda how life goes around here. You just go with it and don't fight it, I've learned. Our work permits were going out and to make a long story short, we needed to figure out something, and do it quick. So off to the big city we went. Betsy was so kind to keep Elisha for us. Another gal around here came and stayed too to get some rest and civilization, so to speak. (she lives on-site of an orphanage and has to take bucket baths, eat kenyan food every meal, hand wash all her clothes, and deal with people asking her for money everyday because she's white. None of this a horrible thing, just nice to have a break from it) So off we went to civilization as well. Interesting what defines civilization. For us it was not being stared at because we are one of the few white people, having a fairly large selection of food we like at a grocery store, staying out past dark and actually having something to do in a public place, eating sushi and watching a movie in a movie theatre. But I sure missed Kitale. I'm very thankful God planted us in Kitale for the time being.

So we got accomplished most of what we went for. Bud happened to show up at the right time to meet with the chief of immigration. She was trying to blow through a long line and although short with Bud, she gladly gave us an extension as long as new work permits were being worked on. Sometimes things are so dang complicated here and it all depends on who you talk to to find out how things work, even with registering things through government offices. Things that in America, there'd be one way, one law. I could really loose you now and go into detail of what all that entails but I'll refrain. So our home is STILL not registered but is recognized by the children's department in Kitale and therefore we are covered, I think. We now have two children committed to our home through the court so surely we are covered. There's so many homes that are not legit and not registered and not working with the proper government offices so I'm not too concerned. Wait, I said I wouldn't go into details. Basically I'm saying stuff is moving with registration and then once it's settled we will get work permits. There's several ways to go about that as well.

So then we went and got Claire's immunizations. I have really gone back and forth with this. People often ask in the states what we do about shots for our kids. We were up to date with Claire on her shots before coming here. She had her shots at birth and then at two months. We got here and didn't get shots for her at four months. We were busy with teams, were not going to Nairobi, and I just have a hard time trusting shots here. One reason being one of our friends' sons got immunized for MMR, it was expired, and he got either measles or mumps shortly after. So I wanted to wait to go to a nice, well trusted place in Nairobi. I don't like to be snotty about things here and don't want to become too American in such a non-American place, but when it comes to my children and calming my own fears, you do what you feel at peace about. So I waited until we went to Nairobi again. So here we are, she's 6 months old, missed a dose of shots, and I'm not even sure how I feel about them in the first place. Go all natural and not put that stuff in Claire and trust God? Or get the injection and know she is for sure protected and trust God that this stuff will work and not cause harm? Everyone may do different and have different opinions but you gotta do what you feel you should do. So I settled with knowing immunizations have prevented lots of diseases and wiped them out in many places so there is good to them right? And her getting a disease and having to treat it would probably be worse than the immunization. Especially with where we live and the chances being higher. Overall though, we just trust God, but sometimes we have to do our part. Sometimes I just want someone to tell me the one and only right answer and not have to be such an adult and make decisions! We went to the children's hospital we would always go to for Eli and got them. I was about to vomit having to hold her down, thinking she was going to scream and hate me forever for doing this to her. Turned out, she barely even let out a whimper, didn't even cry, and was happier after than she was before. A bit strange. But no complaints!

We did our usual things in Nairobi. I ended up being sick one day. Thankfully it wasn't typhoid or malaria. I did get tested. It was about 5x as expensive compared to Kitale. Bummer. But the doctor didn't write it off as malaria just because i had a headache and body aches. I rested at the guesthouse and felt better by night, good enough to go to Java House and eat a turkey sandwich with a salad. YUM. Then we get the news that our vehicle will have to be worked on for several days, meaning we are stranded in the city. Bud got a good last minute deal on flights so he stayed and I'm back home. I felt the need to get back to my boy. And I was ready to leave city life. I was a bit unhappy to find our son doesn't have any attachment disorders! He was happy to see me, then ran off to play and wasn't one bit clingy to me the rest of the day. Guess I should be happy about that huh? I was glad to have him curl up with me and say "i yuv you mom" before going to bed.

Alright already, picture time....

The day before we left we had a birthday party at Mattaw for August birthdays. (I am aware that it is September now!) It was Aaron and Kelvin's Birthday. I was in a rush so I didn't bake from scratch but instead got a brick-like cornbread tasting cake from the grocery store. They were happy!

They always want to give the thumbs up in pictures and since that means gig 'em in our culture...
Bud had to make things right...
And how can I leave out these two?
She just learned to pull up on her own on the side of a chair. She is getting so strong. And her hair is growing back in the back.
i love those little feet
bath time. since our tub doesn't really fill up, we sometimes stick 'em both in this little tub. Usually that being Elisha's great idea. Claire usually doesn't survive long.
Footie pajamas!
I only took two pictures for our Nairobi trip. One showing how much Claire doesn't like her carseat..... this being one of her not so glamorous moments in life
And one in the guesthouse in the bed they had for her... could there be any more pink in the picture?! (yes, that is a nose sucker she is chewing on, it was clean i assure you)


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