21 May 2010

Party at Mattaw

We have internet in our house! Yay! Wow, these past few weeks have flown by being back. I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's been so great to get back adjusted to our lifestyle here. This morning I unpacked all of Elisha's stuff and set up his big boy room. He is thriving here, I'm not surprised one bit. There's so much to update on and now that I can, I really can't think of much to say! This past Monday we went out to Mattaw. I took Elisha and Claire. Elisha had a blast running around with all the kids. We brought out soda, popcorn and cupcakes. Some treats that they rarely get. Here are some pictures from that day...

Eli giving Lucy hugs

Eli with his buddies... Georgie, Noah, Obadiah and Lucy

A banner Humphrey surprised us with. So thoughtful! It has all the kids pictures on it and in the middle a picture of me, Bud, Hollie and Eli.


Euni. She is doing great. They've been working a lot with her hand and I was very impressed to see the progress made. She is full of hugs and smiles as always.

Bud with Georgie

House two girls: Lucy, Rose, Pauline, Jennipher, Sophie, Mercy. House two mom, Christabelle, did all the girls hair the week before we came.

Sweet pea

Claire with her handsome dad

Elisha back with his dogs, bossing them around

my baby boy

Claire with her auntie Hollie

Today a group of three arrived from Texas. They'll be here for a week. It's a pastor, music minister, and college guy. They're great. Today they went out to Mattaw. They hung out with the kids then had a devotion time with the staff. Jesse shared an encouraging word with them on healing. One of our night watchmen had come in with a pretty terrible back ache. So they not only heard truth from God's word on healing but put their faith to work. He left feeling much better. Praise the Lord! Tomorrow we'll go out in the morning and work on giving out to the kids all new clothes and letters from sponsors.

Everything else is good. I'm loving being back in my kitchen. I love to bake and cook. I hope to start putting more recipes and tips on cooking in Kenya on here. It's a fun little challenge to cook here. Probably wont happen for another month though. We've got teams coming in. Which I look forward to.

Missing family back in Texas.

Much more to come....


Nene said...

that's what I'm talkin"bout. Pictures of my grandchildren and wonderful pictures of the Mattaw family. It's like food for my heart & soul, Praise God for all that he is blessing you with every day.

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