23 May 2010

mercy and pool

Greetings! Impressed? It's only been a few days since I have posted on here rather than a week or weeks. Ha!

I've almost gotten all of our trunks and suitcases unpacked. Plans changed Saturday so we were unable to deliver all the sponsorship letter. Tomorrow though! I will definitely post pictures. We'll also give out clothes to the children. Some clothes from the container, some from sponsors, some from well wishers. It'll be fun.

This morning we went to church. It was great to be out there. I mostly chased Elisha around and walked and bounced Claire. No church nursery or kids church here! Ha! That's OK though. We played with the other small itty bitty children. Most of it was actually watching the kids chase Eli around, him sometimes enjoying it and other times him say "TOOOP! NO HAIR!" which means: "stop, enough already, don't touch my hair!" Not having a morning nap and being constipated would cause him to not being in the greatest mood. (when we travel he gets constipated and it takes awhile to regulate... im sure you all wanted to know that right?!)

Last night we had a girls night at the Karibuni lodge. This is like a bed and breakfast, run by a Kenyan man and his wife who is British. They're great. We love going there. The husband is a great cook. And the atmosphere is fun. Mercy, who has been Hollie's roommate out in our guesthouse, will be moving back to Nairobi this coming week. :( I'm pretty sad! But I know it's God's timing for her. She's been such a blessing to know and have as a friend. I'm glad she waited to move until I've been back a few weeks! So all the missionary ladies and some other ladies that have become close to Mercy while she's lived here met up last night. Hollie and I were smooth and surprised Mercy. She had no idea everyone was getting together for her! We told her we were going to get "brownies" at the Karibuni for a girl night with just the three of us. We had an awesome meal, chocolate cake, lots of laughing and a time of encouraging Mercy and praying for her. I really didn't get much pictures at the dinner, bummer, but we got one after with just Hollie, Mercy and I....

After lunch at the Coffee shop, we headed to the pool. All the guys went golfing. I promise, we are still in Kenya! Missionaries need times of refreshment and breaks too! It was pretty hot this afternoon. By 3 o'clock though it started to rain. We got a good amount of time in by the pool though. Ian and Elisha went for a swim. Elisha LOVES water and LOVES to swim. Ian is such a sweet big brother to him. And by the way, what a BIG shocker to find how tall Ian has gotten! Oh. MY. GOODNESS. He's almost as tall as me. Here are some pics from the pool...
Claire napped half the time and then we spent a little bit by the pool. She squeaked when I put her tiny toes in the cold water.
Ian and Eli

Have I mentioned a guy from California is visiting? He came to visit his/our friend Joylyn but for some reason he's been with us more than Joylyn. Or should I say Hollie? Hehe.

Hollie met Matt in California when she went to visit Joylyn this past December before coming back to Kenya. They kept in touch. Sparks happened. It's all history from there.

They're super adorable! I'm very happy for Hollie. And yes, if you haven't figured it out, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Awwwwwwwww....

Looking forward to a Turkish dish tonight made by Hollie and Mercy.

Loving Kenya.
Missing Texas family.


nene said...

they do make a lovely couple! thrills me to think of Eli talking even if its self defense.

Scott H said...

When is my surprise Karubuni meal?

Michelle said...

I have been following your blog for a long time, but as I've been at home this past year being a wife and new mom, I've grown to appreciate your work even more. A few summers ago we had the privilege of coming to work and love Kenyan people for a week. Not that long... yet long enough to fall in love.
Although we we were there with another group, my husband and I met you briefly. Anyway... I really just wanted to say thank you for living your life for Christ! I pray for you all and feel a connection through Him. So, I wanted to encourage you and thank you for taking the time to write this blog. It has helped me keep things in perspective.

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