29 May 2010

Claire, three months

Here we go again...

Our internet keeps getting cut off. Literally, cut off. Last week one of the days it wasn't working because people will steal the phone line and burn the copper to sell it in Nairobi. For the past couple of days it was because in Nakuru there's people cutting the line for internet. That's life here!

So I missed the actual day for Claire turning three months. It's so crazy she's already three months!

To my precious Claire,

You are now three months old and I can hardly believe it. You've been a joy to have in our life these past three months and I look forward to watching you rapidly grow. You are so beautiful and I can tell you will be from the inside out just by looking in those big blues when you smile. Last week your dad got you to laugh for the first time by tickling you with his scruffy face. It was pretty darn cute. Everyone adores you here in Kenya. You are surrounded every time we go out to the children's home. You still have plenty of hair for me to put bows in your hair. I just know God gave you hair at such a young age so I could enjoy the bows and how pretty you look with them! Just when I think you're getting in some sort of sleeping pattern, you change. That's ok. I'm not the type of mom to have so much order and schedule all the time. We just go with the flow. You love to be held a lot, and I like to hold you a lot. Half the time you like to snuggle up and the other you like to be facing out in order to see the world. The expression on your face usually is that of wonder, taking it all in, in much thought. When I stare in your eyes and smile, it never fails, you'll smile back. You look a lot like your brother did at this age but he was more chunky with no hair. As wild as it sounds, it's possible you are teething. If you're on my shoulder, you leave a puddle of drool. Your fist is often in your mouth, gnawing away. And any toy or object put in your hand it goes directly to the mouth. You love your pink and yellow flower toy that has a face smiling on it. When I put it in front of you, you smile at it. You still don't like tummy time. The last pediatrician we saw said your head movement and strength was good so not to worry about it. So I don't. The Dr. before her though was strict, saying you should have tummy time often, everyday. I didn't take her advice. You sleep on your tummy the best. Another thing they say you shouldn't do because of SIDS. Again, I don't worry about that. I haven't put you in your room at night yet. You're still sleeping in the pack n play by our bed. With Elisha we let him cry it out to get him to sleep through the night. It worked well. But not so sure I will do that with you. Your brother adores you still. He loves to hold you and give hugs. Sometimes he gets too rough around you and you don't like that one bit. When I feed you, if I stop before you want me to, you squeal like a baby girl. I don't recall Elisha crying like that. You don't take a paci and I sometimes wish you would, thinking putting you to sleep would be so much easier. I keep trying though. One out of ten times you will take it. You can still wear some newborn sizes but are mostly in 0-3 months clothes. Some 0-3 months are still big though. You're still a little sweet pea. I love you more everyday!
Claire. She looks so chubby when she smiles!

Violet and Claire

Out at Mattaw. Elisha scored. I'm pretty sure they let him. How sweet.

Elisha happy to be back on the trampoline

Sweet Lucy


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