02 April 2010


I'm so excited, I'll be getting a total blog makeover soon! So don't automatically close the window if you come read our blog and don't recognize it from its coolness. Ha.

It's been a bit odd being here to celebrate so many holidays. Everything is extremely commercialized. As if this culture isn't fast enough, now it seems stores and people just jump from one holiday to the next, always anticipating whats ahead and hardly having time to enjoy the one you're in. Like Easter. Easter is this weekend?! Durn, I would have made a carrot cake and dyed Easter eggs with Elisha.... hmmm. Oh well. It's perfectly ok that the only thing we do is remember what our sweet Jesus did and praise Him! But we will be going in the morning to an Easter egg hunt. I think Elisha will get the hang of it quick. Elisha's Nene got an invite to bring her family to it. Should be fun.

By the way, if you happen to read this before dying Easter eggs, I saw this little tip on another blog and thought it was a great tip. Put the egg in a whisk to dip it in the color... then your child doesn't show up to church with green and purple fingers.

I got Eli some sandals and shorts. I'm tired of washing and loosing his little socks, and dumping sand out of his shoes after being at the park. It felt more like spring buying those things. And not to mention the 90 degree weather! Are we skipping spring here? It feels like we might. I'm so thankful for a new season, I think possibilities of snow and sleet are gone. We've been enjoying many afternoons at the park lately.

Claire is doing great. She is getting chubby legs now! She still has colic but it's not every night, thank goodness. Every now and then she'll do a 6 hr stretch at night. When she wakes up to eat she'll usually eat a little bit and zonk out again pretty quick. Its just from 9-12 every night that is sketchy. Actually last night it was 1-3am. She's not on any schedule yet, so hopefully that was a one night thing. The last three or four days, Eli has really payed more attention to Claire again. He went through a little phase of not acknowledging her much at all. Now he wants to hold her all the time. He's actually trying to offer her raisins right now. Ha. So thoughtful but NO. I've got a close eye on him. I've got a really cute video of Eli holding Claire but I can't find the cord to our video camera. Maybe one day it'll make it on here. It's reeeeaaaly cute.

This box has offered hours of entertainment!
Claire is wearing her Africa outfit that was handed down to her by her big brother. I can't believe Eli was this small!
And here's an attempt to show you that it looks like Claire will be strawberry blond! Just maybe. Fair enough, Elisha has my hair and Claire has her dad's. (Bud's hair was BRIGHT red when he was a little boy)


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