05 April 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

This past weekend was Easter. Like I posted before, being back from Kenya this time, we've been here for a lot of holidays. A lot of holidays that are extremely commercialized. Not that I'm opposed to celebrating in ways that are kinda off the topic of what we're really celebrating. (to me, its all about where your heart is, as long as you're not compromising your beliefs, but that's a whole other subject for an entire post) With Easter coming up I wanted to keep the main thing, the main thing, but still enjoy the regular kiddo traditions with our little family. I heard a good quote that became my facebook status... "If it weren't for Christmas, Easter wouldn't have happened and if it weren't for Easter, Christmas wouldn't matter". Love this. I think it speaks loudly. Anyways so onto the silly but fun traditions of Easter... the famous egg hunt. As time approached I thought it'd be fun for Eli to get to do one. He's at a fun age for this and I knew he'd catch on pretty quick. Last week Eli's Nene forwarded us an invite she received to all the educators to bring their families to a free egg hunt at Angelo State University. We thought it'd be a big event but thankfully it was a small group. Then Eli wouldn't get trampled down as he searched out eggs, making sure each one he got had candy. (important factor to a 2 yr old, at least this one) That morning, it had been a rough night before. Getting two little ones ready by a certain time is still a bit of a challenge. There's a lot that goes into leaving the house! Kids clean and dressed, house clean, everyone fed, both Eli's bag and Claire's bag packed, oh and me showered and ready. So we were rushing out the door and I realized we did not have an Easter basket, eek. Nothing for Eli to gather eggs with?! Think fast Bud, what should we do??? Right, grab the only bucket we have....

That's right. Elisha carried a Halloween bucket at a Easter egg hunt. BAHA!

He obviously didn't care. He just wanted the candy!

You can see here, his dad was coaching him. "ok Elisha, make sure you fill that bucket up so we, I mean you, can get a lot of candy. Oh wait, not that one, I, I mean you, don't like fireballs, get the one with butterfingers so I, I mean you, can eat it later."
Since not as many people showed up, Eli's bucket was packed full, as well as the other children's so they gave baskets to go pick up more. This picture is a little more festive.
Family portrait. Finally. I think this is our first semi-good picture of us all. I keep wanting to get one taken so we can get prayer cards made before we leave... in FOUR weeks.
I'm so in love with this little sweet P! (p being for princess... because she has proven herself to be one... in a great and at rare times, a not so great way)

I could just eat 'er up!


Emily (from JOMO) said...

She is precious! You have a beautiful family Kimberly! I love that Elisha used the pumpkin bucket! haha. cracked me up!

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