22 April 2010

New Blog design!!!!

Finally! I've been wanting a new blog design for, um, quite awhile now. And I just love the design that was made for us! Bud's first response was, "elephants? really? we're not elephants" but after awhile he came around and said he liked it.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to go back "home". I'm so excited to get back. Last night we shared with a care group at Christian Church of San Angelo (the church where we stay right now) and when we showed the new music video that was made for Mattaw, I got so emotional! I mean, sure I was running low on sleep, but I just miss home there and miss the children and staff. We enjoyed getting to share with this group last night though.

I'm tired and emotional right now so writing anything more would just get me in trouble! Ha. Please also pray I would be completely healed and back to normal asap. The antibiotics are starting to work but not as fast as I thought they would. Thanks for your prayers!


Cora said...

Love your new design, although since I am visiting from Diana's Custom Blog Design I don't know what it used to look like.
We are also Huffman's :0) we are waiting to adopt our son from Burundi.
I hope you don't mind if I follow along with your journy I am looking forward to reading more.

Emily (from JoMO) said...

Love the new design!
So Cool! ( I was gonna put cute but didn't think Bud would like that ;)

The Beavers said...

The new blog is awesome! Love it. Love it. And I love elephants. Incase you didn't notice by the kids' room!

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