24 April 2010

Park with the Beavers

Hello weekend, my how you have come so fast. First, thank you all for the prayers! I'm finally feeling 100% today! Perfect timing too. Guess I needed to get off my feet for awhile and rest and not pack.

Do you hear that? Of course not, you aren't here. But if you were, you know what you would hear? NOTHING! Elisha is off having a grand time with his Nene, Claire is snoozing, and Bud is off getting one last game of golf in with his dad. It's marvelous to have a morning to myself. I'm looking forward to tackling my to do list. This is such a rare occasion. So I should not blog long.

This is our last weekend here in San Angelo. Tear. It's all such a bitter sweet feeling. So if you want to see us, call or email! We're busy but can still fit in seeing people. Where we're staying is finally filling up with trunks packed and less stuff laying around. There have been times though where the dishes need to be put up, the laundry needs folding, and the toys need to be picked up off the floor. But then I think: "at my funeral, no one will remember me as having a tidy perfect home, at my funeral I hope to have my children remember me as one that loved them greatly and always made time for them". So when I think this, I sit my rear down in a rocker, and rock my babies. (even Eli still, he's still not too big to be rocked every now and then!)

Along those same lines, the other day we were in the car listening to the radio and they were talking about relationships and how at funerals, people don't recall all the material things that person had, or the many degrees they got, or how many cars they had. They talk about the relationships, the friendships, the family that that person has. Sometimes, especially being back in the states and around so many people starting their life in the real world (and i'm not saying this is bad AT ALL, its more about where your heart is) its hard to think, what if we didn't give our life for what we do now? What would we be doing? Working hard day in and day out to get the picture perfect American family? You know, the house, the 9-5 job, the car, the dog, the white picket fence. Like I said, I don't think having those things are bad. It's just not for us! It actually bores me, it's not what makes my heart come alive. Now, raising a family overseas while loving Jesus by rescuing orphans? Ahhhh, now that makes my heart skip a beat! Not that this life makes me better than anyone doing the 9-5 job thing here, but it makes MY life better because it's the abundant life in Christ that I'll continue to say yes to. Wherever you are, it's your mission field. I love what I heard Heidi Baker say recently, "if you aren't called across the world, you are called across the street". So get out and go share Jesus with your neighbor! (maybe not literally, or maybe so) Bake some cookies and throw in a note saying you're praying for them, with a scripture Holy Spirit leads to to put down. I don't know, just an idea. That plate of cookies might be just as effective for the Kingdom of God as us giving a bag of maize to a hungry family in the middle of an African village. Who am I to judge?! We just obey and trust.

Our friend, Daniel, is great at living and talking about this. He quotes this quote often: John Eldridge puts it best in his book Wild at Heart when he says “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that, because what the world needs is more people who are alive.” We live in a world of posers, so many of us being one of them. It is so easy to get sucked into the 9 to 5, the “normalcy” of life and then, we get to the end of our life wondering what happened, where did the years go?

Anywho. I got all preachy on here huh? I also said I wasn't going to blog long. Oh well.

The day before yesterday met our friends at the park for lunch and some play time with the kids. We just love the Beavers! They are such a sweet and encouraging family. We will miss them.

The dad's swinging the kids

Eli and Julia
Claire and Judah
I just love this picture!

And we found ducks

As I was loading these I was thinking how great it's been for Elisha have Julia and Sophia for best friends while being here. Then I realize there are also families in Kitale with small children. Two of them have little girls that either just turned two or are about to. Although they can't take Julia and Sophia's place, it'll be great to have little play buddies around still. And then of course there's all the kids at Mattaw. Elisha will go back to having more play buddies than he can keep up with!


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