06 April 2010

More Easter

Ok, we've got 5 weeks left here! I can hardly wait to get back home, I'm not sure if I've mentioned that. Ha. I've already begun the packing process in hopes that the more organized and prepared I am, the less stressful it will be traveling with two babies across the big pond and through a lot of airports. We shall see. We use a Christian travel agency and get a "missionary" rate with British airways, meaning we each get three bags. Meaning we can travel with TEN bags! Maybe we should rent a U-haul to get us to the airport, ha!

The closer it gets the more my heart aches to get back. Being back here there's always this uneasiness in me that wonders if we've gotten too comfortable back in the "American ways". I realize that the longer we are here, the more of adjusting we have on the other side. Bud and I had this conversation yesterday. For him, he hasn't been back here as long as we have and he just took a quick trip to Kenya a few months ago. I wonder will it be an adventure all over again or a hard adjustment to things like quiet (and sometimes no electricity) nights, extremely bumpy roads, a very simple and sometimes boring diet. In my mind right now I can think of these things and honestly look forward to them. Well, maybe not the bumpy roads. But a much more simple life. What will be hard and something I don't ever expect to adjust to is being far from family. Thankfully we have friends (Kenyans and missionaries) in Kitale that have become family to us. Quirks and all, I still love Kitale and our home there. Not sure how or why sometimes but I do. When you get stripped down to the basics of life, it makes you realize Jesus truly is enough. His grace is sufficient in having much to having little. Now, if you don't know me and think that by this small paragraph, you think you've heard me out on how I feel in between two worlds of haves and have not's, then you're wrong. This is so surface and I don't think putting words on a blog does justice for the life we live. But that's ok. I still take the risk in knowing you might not get it, but maybe you do.

Ok, here's some more pictures from Easter. We went to church then to Nene and Poppa's house for lunch and spent all afternoon there. They built this fun house that resembles a barn on a piece of land a bit out of town. It gives just enough feel for country without really being in the country. I enjoy it. Nothing like good 'ol Texas. This will be part 1 of 2 of pictures on this afternoon.

Me: "Eli, sit cute on Poppa's tractor with the bunny you got in Sunday school that just so happens to match your outfit"

Eli: "nnnnnooo!" and throws the bunny

Me: "oh come on, it'd make a cute Eater picture" Eli: "nnnnnoooo"

Me: "alright, fine, then can Poppa have your bunny?" Eli: "nnnnnoooo! my bunny!" Ugh.

I get this look often. Well not always the tongue sticking out, but her eyebrows like that. I'm still waiting for that precious smile she'll make all the time. It hasn't happened yet.

Her pretty Easter dress given to her by her Aunt Kim.


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