13 April 2010

This just in....

We just got a quick email from Humphrey, our social worker. I know they are extremely busy when updates from him on the kids are few and far in between. But that's good, few news is good news. I can hardly wait to get back! AH! I am very glad to have a few weeks to pack though. You should see the chaos, wait, no you shouldn't. Trying to organize and pack for all four of us is crazy! We wont be back for a year so one of the tasks has been to get Claire's clothes organized and make sure we have enough. Babies grow so much in the first year! With Eli its easy, he'll wear all 2T clothes until we get back. Well, he turns three in December and we come back in March so maybe we should throw some 3T clothes in. Anyways, how did I get sidetracked on that!? Here is a little email from Humphrey that was pretty cute and funny...

Hi guys, The kids are all doing good and very very happy. George has really grown he can now officially accuse anyone who offends him. He walks around the kids compound and finds his way back. Lucy goes to the play ground and walks back to the house by herself. Bad news to Kimberly, Lucy gets dirty nowadays, because she has to, she plays a lot. The other day with George they were sweeping the veranda. Obadiah too has gotten faster with his runs and can now be understood, and he is more friendlier than before. Am in the network meeting, i will continue later.bye

More updates and pictures later. We just got back from Corpus Christi this past weekend and had an awesome time visiting friends, getting a little beach time, and visiting the church I used to go to years ago.

Much love,


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