16 March 2010


I don't have any complete thoughts at the moment to make up an entire post, so this will be random updates on us...

With a two year old active little boy and a sweet newborn baby girl, our life is anything but dull these days.

Elisha somehow snuck rocks into his little motorcycle/tricycle and we discovered it this morning when he decided to throw them all over the house! Oh well, as a friend on facebook pointed out, it makes nice "rustic decor".

We've been finalizing all of the new child sponsorship packets for Mattaw kiddos today! Very exciting. If you're interested in sponsoring a child, let us know or go to the website and you can fill out a form to request sponsoring and get more info. www.mattawchildren.com

Yesterday began the countdown... 8 weeks from yesterday we will be boarding the ever long journey across the big pond to be back "home" in Kenya.

Claire is growing, I noticed her arms are getting a little more filled out and her cheeks are getting the cute chub to them. She has colic at night still but every night is still different so some nights I sleep, others I don't. She's amazing though. I put a new song on here by Plumb. I remember this song came out around the same time Elisha was born. Although I didn't wish Elisha was a girl, I do remember listening to the song and hoping for the day where I'd have a little girl. I was on my way home from the grocery store alone (rare occasion!) and heard it on the radio. I was in tears!

Ok, blogging over, the little sweet pea is ready for dinner...


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