18 March 2010

3 weeks

Yesterday Claire turned 3 weeks old, yikes! I feel like it was last week or even more recent. Trying to soak up the sweet moments. I am ready for the "coo-ing" rather than grunting. Sister has some tummy aches which causes a boyish grunt... often. But she's still the prettiest baby I've ever seen.

So the first two pictures below were actually taken at the same time. Before Claire was born I remember having a conversation with a friend that also was about to have her second child. We were on the subject of making the transition from one to two children and inquired from another mom that was new to having two kids now. We were discussing which is better, to have both children take a nap at the same time so that mama gets sleep and quiet time or to have them take separate naps so that you get quality time with each. Well, at this point in Claire's life, them both taking a nap at the same time is wonderful for this mama! Claire sleeps so much, being the newborn that she is, so if big brother is sleeping, its nice she happens to not be in one of her rare awake moments. I'm absolutely loving being a mom to two little ones but some time alone or napping can make a difference in my world. Yes, this is a total motherhood short story and not many people would ever care or think of such a subject except parents of multiple young ones.

Claire- 3 weeks old. Elisha- 2 yrs, 3 months, 2 wks old.

She actually looks like she's making a facial expression, can't wait for her to start smiling at us on purpose (not from the rumbly in her tumbly, ha)

Sweet little shoes
bath time
We found out this morning that last night one of the boys dorms at Purpose Driven Academy in Kitale was burned down. Immediately we were very concerned for our Kenyan son, Ian. Bud was able to talk to Humphrey this morning though and unfortunately it was his dorm BUT thankfully he nor anyone in the dorm was hurt. They're staying on the compound for Saddleback church for now. Ian only lost a sweater and a few other things that are replaceable. I'm just so glad everyone is ok! I'm so ready to be back where we have Ian home on the weekends.

(less than 8 weeks till we leave for Kenya! not that I'm counting... since I'm learning to be content and be where I am right? right.)


Emily (from JoMO) said...

Thankful Ian is okay! Your children are adorable! :)

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