25 March 2010

The park

Last week we went to the park on whichever day it was that was the most beautiful. My sister in law, Kim, and her boys were in town. It's super convenient that her parents live here as well. So we met up with them for a picnic in the park and to let the boys play. Elisha and Pierce haven't quite become the bestest cousin friends that maybe one day they'll be, but it was still fun to get them together. They're 6 weeks apart in age.

Elisha is growing so fast. I think with a second child, he seems to be growing faster. I mean, when he went to stay with friends the weekend Claire was born, I'm pretty sure they fed him non-stop because when we got him back he seemed SO big! Ha. He is still full of a lot of energy and life. He is quite a challenging child when it comes to discipline. He's by no means a mean or angry child, just, well, how do you put it... opinionated and secure in his decisions? So trying to correct his decisions are a bit challenging at times. But I can see that if he is directed right, these things will be a positive characteristic. I'm hoping his sister will be easier. God only gives us what we can handle though, thankfully! He does love his sister. I think after two weeks, it set in that she's not leaving so every now and then he'd show a bit of jealousy... trying to push her off my lap so he could sit with me. Nothing dramatic though like punching her or chunking her across the room... so I'm thankful for how their sibling relationship is working out right now! He still asks to hold her and gives her kisses. He's not very sensitive to her sleeping, he often runs up and growls like a dinosaur when she's sound asleep. Thankfully she usually doesn't budge. I love my times I get to hang out with just Elisha, whether it be to the store or sit and read a book while Claire is sleeping. He is starting to talk more. Not too clearly but we get what he's saying. He's so great in sports. He likes to go outside and play golf and soccer with his dad. He just might have a future in sports. Who knows. He's doing wonderful though. Here's from the park...

Playing with Baba

Elisha and Pierce

Claire with Nene

Snow cones!

Collin, Cannon, Pierce, and Elisha
(we can just crop in Tripp and Claire... wait, where's Claire? Ha!)


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