25 March 2010

Claire, one month

Can someone pinch me because it does not seem like Claire is one month old today! The calendars are telling me she is though. And I thought three weeks wasn't a reality... I guess it just keeps going by quick. It does just keep getting sweeter. We know whats ahead now since she is our second child. She is just so precious sitting and doing nothing though. As if it can't get any better then she does something like smile. Well she hasn't smiled on purpose yet, but I remember the first time Elisha did and it completely melted my heart!

At one month, my little sweet pea is:

-sleeping, not on any schedule but does amaze us from time to time and goes 8 hours without waking up (last night, not so much)
-eating, no problems
-grunting, a lot!
-lifting her head a bit better when she has tummy time
-not liking a paci, ugh
-likes to sleep on her back (unlike her brother did)
-wears a lot of pink and doesn't go without a bow, ha.
-weighing in at 8lbs 13oz as of today, in the 40th percentile

I love bows. But I don't like the bows and flowers that are twice the size of the babies head. This one is pushing it. But I like it. And it was the only one that went well with the outfit. And we can't go without a bow!

She was done with pictures! Nap time! Hard to believe, but the princess does cry too.
I posted twice today so keep scrolling to see our park day from last week...


Shaunna said...

Oh yes, the bow is ALWAYS a must;) She's beautiful!

The Beavers said...

oh my, it really is hard to believe that she is a month old already! She is such a beautiful girl, Kim. I love all of her bows! And her sweet *smooth* face:) We need to hang out before the next month gets away from us!

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