17 February 2010

Christmas 2010 pictures

Well I made it another day, so you'll get to see Christmas pictures now. I mentioned this before, but we were so blessed to receive the contributions to make Christmas happen for the kids this year. Part of the monthly sponsorship helped cover this but not all of it so we were thankful for other individuals that gave. We also had a women's sunday school class from FBC Keller that sent Christmas cards to each child with stickers and balloons in them. This was very special to the children as well. Also, the family/team that met up with Bud on his recent trip to Kenya, brought watches and other gifts for the children. They had quite the celebration! They all received a new outfit, a toy, and a card. Thank you to all the sponsors and people that made this day so special for the children at Mattaw! With the money given through individuals, I was thankful to be a part of it by going and picking out gifts to send with Bud. The new outfits were bought in Kenya with sponsorship money. I would have loved to be there, especially since it was house two kids' first Christmas with us, but I'm thankful Bud was and we get to see the pictures from it. When I get overwhelmed with all the administration and paper work that needs to get done for Mattaw, I look at the love on the children's faces in these pictures and the stress quickly goes away. Pouring out every ounce of my life so that these children feel and know the love of Jesus is worth it all. To know they are safe, in a home, where they are now called children and not orphaned, ah, it gets me all choked up.

Like the fancy wrapping paper? They're grocery sacks. I don't think the kids even know what wrapping paper is. They were all so thrilled with what they got!

David excited about his card. You can see his funny personality in his expression.

Nelima excited to get her first baby doll


Sharon with her princess crown

LOVE! Noah in his new outfit

Daisy sportin her new shades. They always love to play with visitors sunglasses so we thought it'd be a perfect gift to get them all. (found them at the dollar tree)

Alex... yes they got new underwear as well, Alex had no shame, he was just excited!


All the children in their new outfits holding up their Christmas cards

If I make it to tomorrow without having the baby yet, then I'll post the pictures of the school. This week Hollie told me they had a party for Valentines. A sweet group of ladies sent a box of valentines stuff. Although they don't know the holiday and celebrate it, they took the opportunity to celebrate love, the love Jesus has for us and the love within the family at Mattaw. Hollie said they had fun and were blessed!

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