16 February 2010

Bud's Recent trip to Kenya

Ok, so this post is way long overdue but better late than never. We hardly ever have access to internet but for some reason it just so worked out that Elisha is napping right now, there's full internet service out here and Bud is away. So I'm able to do this!

I've probably already talked some on Bud's trip. It was a great trip for him. We missed him as he did us but it was a blessed trip. He was able to get everything done that he went to do, especially to love on the children and see their smiling faces. Hollie went back the same time he did and she is there now, I think I've mentioned. I love getting emails from her and I'm so thankful that we have her there on the ground. She has been very busy with overseeing all the medical and also some extra day to day things that need getting done. We're blessed to have her working with the Mattaw team over there!

There are a ton of pictures I want to put on here but I thought I'd break them down into three post. So this one is just a general update. The next one will be Christmas and the one after that the school. BUT, if our baby girl makes her debut before the next day or two then the pictures might now get posted. Instead this blog will be full of pink for awhile.

Sophia, Jenifer, and Daisy in their uniforms outside of school

The water tower going up

Yea! The new water tower. We can now store more water, meaning we pump more at one time. It also serves some neighbors around who don't have to walk so far for clean water anymore and don't have to drink dirty water from the nearby river

sweet Jose

Julius helping paint the classrooms. (house dad in Raha house)
Some of our visitors workin away. Bud said the family/team that came was amazing and hard workers. We're so thankful for the time and energy spent serving the children and the Lord at Mattaw!
Precious Lulu! AH, I miss her. I had requested Bud to bring her back in his backpack but it didn't happen. Too many rules to get through I guess.

The kids singing and dancing with Momma Vivian, Penda house mom.

"hi!" from baby Georgie. Gosh he has grown since I last saw him.

The school being plastered

One of the girls holding baby Georgie. I'm pretty sure this was a common sight.


As far as baby news goes, the little princess is still tucked away. I feel like I could burst any moment though. Getting up is no easy task and sleeping through the night is becoming more of a distant memory. I remember how amazing I felt after having Elisha so I'm praying for that to come soon! I want nothing but God's timing for her so I'll just remain patient and pray for it to be soon. I feel prepared, well about as much as I can. We have clothes washed, bags packed, and somewhat of a plan for Elisha. My Dr. is off until Thursday so I'd be glad if baby waited until then. Wait, what am I thinking, I'd be glad if she came NOW! We're going over to some friends house tonight to watch Lost, but I'd sure rather be watching it in the hospital. Ok, can you hear my anticipation in what I'm typing?! We'll be giving a new update on a big transition within Mattaw taking place soon. That'll be all just for one post. My mind is so consumed with baby girl at the moment.

Thanks for comments for the few out of the many that do! I enjoy hearing who reads this.

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NCW 6th Grade said...

Thinking of you and praying for you both as you prepare the final touches before your beautiful baby girl comes to greet you! So wonderful to read and see the pictures of what is going on at Mattaw! Take care and give me a shout if I can do anything from the freezer of MN!

Emily (from JoMo) said...

I bet you are so excited! Can't wait to see pics and hear about your baby girl! I am talking to my Mom's Awana group about our trip to Kenya tonight, so I have been going through pictures! Can't wait to go back! Praying for you and your new addition :)!

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