18 February 2010

Mattaw School

Well, here I am again, baby not in hands yet. Last night I really thought she was coming. I'm not disappointed or complaining, just struggling not to be impatient! I was up from 1-3:30am with painful contractions every 20-30 minutes. Finally I was able to convince myself to get some rest in case it's the real deal. Since waking up, nothing! But Bud is hopeful she'll come today. So I'm counting on his hope, not mine today. We have a dr appointment tomorrow so I am hoping to get news that we're making some sort of progress.

Anyways, that means I can finish uploading pictures from Bud's recent trip to Kenya. It seems it has taken a looong time to finally have a completed building, from the roof to the floors, to the doors and windows, to being plastered and painted. But it's done! I guess since it's not a building that has to be livable to be usable, it wasn't as high a priority as other construction projects.

The water tower

Pauline working hard in school

One of our teachers, Rebecca, teaching class 3

class 3 learning

Another one of our teachers, Lydia, teaching class 2

Class 5, from Left to Right: Victor, David and John. Future leaders of Kenya!

Class 3: Juma, Kelvin, Daisy, Jeftah, Maurine, Gideon. Hope for Kenya!

Class 2: Sharon, Aron, Geoffrey, Pauline. Excellence in everything!

Class one: Mercy, Jenifer, Nelima, Sophia. Purpose and Destiny!

Baby and Nursery class: Eric, Alex, Gracie, Nehemiah, Rose, Jose, and Euni. A life to prosper and not to harm!

Our baby and nursery class would be like head start and pre-k here in the states. They only go half a day. We eventually need more classrooms but for now they are under the roofs for house 5. It works great for them, after all most of the older generation in Kenya went to school under a tree and had no desk or chairs.

All of the children in front of the school building. You can tell what a beautiful sunny day it is! I miss the weather there so much.

Caleb and Ian. These are definitely future world changers for the name of Jesus. Here's a super short version of how they're part of our family in case you haven't kept up with us long. I've known Caleb since the first time I went to Kenya. He was in the Lemoru Orphanage, where I first lived. I think he was in 6th grade and now he's about to graduate high school! He is top of his class and has a dream to go to university in America and then go back to Kenya and be a leader and example of Jesus for all of Kenya. Kevin Kirkland sponsors him in school. And then there's Ian, another one that we call our own child. He goes to a boarding school in Kitale called purpose driven academy (Rick Warren is connected to this school and occasionally visits). He was living on the streets when he found him. He was desperate, scared, and a little rough around the edges. All those things are now his past and he has been transformed into a loving, smart, confident and hilarious child. He stays with us on the weekend when we're in Kenya and boards at school during the week. He has already skipped a few grades and might skip another one this year. He is number one in his class and is always talked highly of when we go to visit him in school. He spends his breaks at Mattaw and is a godly leader to the other children. It's incredible to see what a difference Jesus has made in these two lives and we're so excited to see what God continues to do with their life.

They both call Bud and I mom and dad, although we are far from being old enough to be their parents. It's more of a respect thing but also because we are all family. Bud and these guys have such a sweet relationship, a brotherly/father/mentor one.

Ok, now I'm almost certain the next time I post on here will be to say I had a baby! Plenty of pictures will follow.

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Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

yeah! i can not wait to hear the good news!!

Amanda said...

WOW, Ian has gotten SO BIG!!! He doesn't look like a little boy anymore!

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