11 February 2010

baby girl soon to arrive

Well, I've been waiting to put up a new update until I have pictures from our camera on the computer to upload. But that hasn't happened! I'm not real sure what the deal is and Bud hasn't gotten around to working on it. Maybe today he will since I'm not waiting on the pictures anymore.

This past weekend I went to a retreat called heart of motherhood. It was a huge blessing to go to. Very refreshing and a lot of insight on this whole thing called motherhood that at times I feel I'm walking blindly through! There were a group of amazing godly women that led the retreat and alternated speaking in the sessions. And the food was pretty amazing. It was home cooked healthy meals. (well except for that blueberry cobbler and blue bell ice cream, oh and the dr pepper we snuck in from sonic!) Apart from the spiritual side of it, the session on healthy eating was probably my favorite. I love to cook and do it good and healthy so it was right up my ally. It was also a good break to be away and relax before the little miss arrives. Bud and Elisha survived without us, which I had no doubt they wouldn't. I think Bud and Elisha really enjoyed their daddy/son weekend. Mary was the one who told me about the retreat so since she was there as well, Bud and Elisha went and hung out some with her husband Benj and daughter Julia. So a little update on my sweet pea...

Yesterday we had a Dr's appointment. To my surprise, baby girl could come anytime now! But that could be today or three weeks from today. I'm around three weeks from my due date but technically I'm full term. I'll spare any guys reading this the details of what told us she could come at any time now. So aside from all that excitement, I then realized as we were leaving the Dr's that we were supposed to travel to Ft. Worth this weekend. So we go back to ask my Dr and she laughed! So, not a good idea to risk having a baby in a mini van but bummer that our valentines weekend has changed! Not sure if I put on here that Bud had gotten us tickets for a ballet in downtown Ft. Worth for our anniversary. I've been looking forward to this for the past month! Also Friday we were planning to attend a short little marriage retreat. Anywho, I am by no means complaining, especially if the baby comes this weekend. And even if she doesn't, I'd still rather not risk anything for baby girl rather than go enjoy our own thing. Being a wife and mommy will sure help take care of any selfishness you might deal with! So then after realizing all this, we then got in the car to leave and I remembered another important part of our weekend was getting all the baby stuff at my parents house. Yes, I left every single baby thing that we've collected so far at my parents, four hours away. I guess all the emotions of everything hit me and I just started crying, thinking that I could have this baby in the next few days and I wouldn't have a thing for her! No clothes, no sweet soft blanket, no socks, no BOWS! But then I got a grip with reality and realized those things are not a priority that I was just being a little emotional. (although yesterday we made a run to target to grab a few things... "just in case") Thankfully Bud's parents are in the Ft. Worth area this weekend and can pick the stuff up. Or my parents will bring it to us. It's so close! I am so excited to hold our bundle of joy in my arms.

When I get some pictures uploaded from Bud's recent trip to Kenya, I'll be sure to post them and tell of his time there.


Brie Meegan said...

Hey my name is Brie Meegan. I feel called long term to being a teacher in Africa. I just wanted to let you know how encouraging it has been to just read through your blog and see pictures. Seeing the faces of the children brings tears to my eyes and all I want to do is go love the kids. Reading your stories just made God's calling on my life more clear. Congrats on the new baby! I hope and pray that her life will be used for God's glory alone. You and your family are in my prayers.

Mattaw Children's Village said...

Hey Brie, thanks for sharing that. its encouraging to hear! how'd you find our blog? just curious if you know someone that knows us or happened to stumble upon us

Brie Meegan said...

Well my friend Tia sent me the link. I'm not sure how she found it. We both know Kevin Kirkland, so I do know someone who knows you. She might have been given the link from him? That's my best idea.

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