04 November 2009


I can hardly believe it's already November. Some of you might know, Bud came back to the states for a bit of a break. Mostly to spend some time here getting refreshed being with his wife and son... and baby! I'm SO thankful to be back with him. The plan was for me to fly back to Kenya here in the next week or so but since he ended up getting to come here we wont go back until December 28th. Last year we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Kenya so it'll be nice to be with our American family this year. Bud got in last week on Friday. He flew into Houston and my brother took Eli and me to pick him up. Elisha was so cute when he saw him. He didn't get super excited but was trying not to smile real big and being all shy towards him. It was cute though, it was like he wasn't expecting to see his dad and when he did he tried not to be too excited but you could tell he was. He also tried to play the silent treatment on Bud, maybe letting him know he was not happy it had been so long since he'd seen him. Who knows, we underestimate how much little kids understand. We spent the weekend at my brothers with him and his family and then came yesterday to Keller. So we got to be there for Halloween and Eli dressed up with all his cousins. He was so adorable. He definitely got the hang of trick or treating really fast.... go up to door, get candy, say thank you and bye, get back in the wagon, eat candy, wait to get out at next door. I'm unable to post pictures right now but maybe later I will be able to. During the day on Halloween we went to the Keemah boardwalk. It was about an hour from where my brother lives. It was a lot of fun. The kids rode some rides, mostly the train and carousel and we walked around on the boardwalk. It was a really fun atmosphere. Once again, I've got pictures but will have to wait and post them later. Then on Sunday my brother and his wife treated us to a great home cooked meal. We had steak with all the sides and watched the Dallas cowboys play football. It was a good welcome home meal for Bud. Monday Bud and I took Elisha to the Houston zoo. It was nice to get out and do something, just the three of us. Eli loves the zoo. Everything is either a cow, dog or monkey though.

We're here another night and then will head to San Angelo tomorrow. We'll be spending most of our time there. Our church there, CCSA, is so gracious to let us stay in their apartment at the back of the church parking lot. It'll be SO great to get our own space and not be living out of a suitcase and in someones house. (not that we haven't enjoyed staying with our family!)

More to come...


The Beavers said...

Glad to hear that you guys are all together again and that you will be in San Angelo! We will be giving you a holler!

*Emily Dawn* said...

Glad you all are back together again! kimberly you look so cute!!
I'm excited to see your little girl all dressed in pink :).

Rody and Wendy Chesser said...

Hey there--I know you have a million people to see when you all are here, but if we could treat you to a home cooked meal one evening...we'd LOVE to have you in our home. Just send a message on facebook when a good time for you all is.

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