20 October 2009

the park, october '09

(When done reading this one, there's also a new post below about a pumpkin patch... FYI)

Well I've tried several times this past week to get pictures on here and either my parents internet or blogger has not cooperated. So here's an update and one sure to follow after so I can show what we did yesterday. I know Bud is on the edge of his seat to see Eli eating a corn dog and drinking dr. pepper.

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, we decided the weather was too beautiful to not enjoy somehow. So we packed lunches, picked up Linda, and headed to the park.

Well this picture is out of order but I don't care since I'm just glad to get pictures on here. Last week there was a day my dad ended up not having to work so they took us to eat at on the border, one of the best places to eat Tex-Mex. We also drove an hour and a half to go to Hubbard to visit my Toomama (Eli's great grandmaw), Aunt Kay and Uncle George. It was a great day. Elisha had fun making all the sweet old ladys smile at the old folks home. And this balloon in the picture was three days of entertainment for him. When it finally lost all its air Eli said "uh oh, bye bye boom" (he narrowed the word balloon down to boom)

One day I was about to pitch a fit for why my sweet baby boy had turned into a little toddler monster. Then I realized he was cutting his two year old molars. Ouch! All the signs were there, I just hadn't dealt with him cutting teeth in awhile and had assumed there was no more madness. He drools rivers around the house, has diarrhea, super fussy at certain times for no reason, and wants to chomp on ice like a pregnant woman. (he also needs a haircut, it grew too fast since the last one so I think this time we're going super short)

I was making eggs one morning and hadn't heard him make a noise, assuming he was watching TV. I turned around when I was finished to find he had quietly, on his own, climbed to the top of the counter and was enjoying playing in the sink.

Another update shortly after this one...


The Beavers said...

HOW ON EARTH did he climb onto the counter??? Amazing!

The pumpkin patch post is too cute!

Mattaw Children's Village said...

i have no idea! there was no chairs or anything pushed up to the counter for him to get up there.

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