12 November 2009

November 12

Sorry for the blog slacking. Since Bud has been home we haven't had much access to a computer. Ours is sick and getting fixed right now. We got moved into the apartment at our home church in San Angelo, Christian Church of San Angelo. It's been so wonderful having Bud back. Eli is starting to want to be with him more now. Thank goodness! He was going through a mommy stage where we had to trick him for me to leave if I had to go somewhere. He's getting better though. Maybe he's realizing dad will play more with him and there's a baby on the way. Who knows. Speaking of the baby. Everything is going great. This is such an easy pregnancy. We're so thankful for that. Baby girl sure does like to dance around though. I guess the only thing I wish was different is that I wouldn't crave Mexican food and Dr. pepper so much! I would just like to be eating healthy all the time and well that doesn't help. Oh well. So here's some pictures that are WAY overdue!

When I walked into Amy's house, I thought I was going to just a brunch but when I first saw this, I figured it might not just be a brunch.

Beverly, Laurie, Me, Lisa, Karrie, Amy
The beautiful table spread. They all brought pumpkins decorated girly for the decorations. Kinda giving it a Cinderella and fall feel.
Yummy dessert!
The sweet presents, lots of fun girly stuff!
Here's some pictures from the fall festival at FBC Keller. The dino catching ducks....
Dino goes head to head in the jump pit with a cat
Dino gets pushed onto a roller coaster by a teenage mutan ninja turtle
Dino is being watched over by a Kenyan
And a few pictures from the day after we picked up Bud in Houston. We went with my brother and his family to the Keemah board walk. It was about an hour from their house. Tons of fun.
My brother trying to get Pierce off the carousel
We rode the train twice, Eli and all his cousins loved it
Riding the carosel with his baba
I still need to put up pictures from trick or treating and going to the Houston Zoo. Soon enough. All is going great, some things changing here and there but I'll update you on that soon. How's that for super vague?! I'm loving the warm weather!


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