18 November 2009

Pray for Geoffrey

We're still here in west Texas enjoying the nice weather and sunsets. We got a report today from our social worker at Mattaw that one of our children, Geoffrey, had to be admitted to the hospital today. Please pray for him. We don't know much except he has an extremely high fever, high heart rate, and headache. They're saying it's malaria but that's what they say for anything involving a fever and headache. Reports like this make my heart ache being this far from our children. We take peace in knowing that the Father is there with them and that our prayers bring us together. We're asking Jesus to give his healing touch to this little boy so please join in with us! If you have visited Mattaw you'd remember Geoffrey as being the funny one of the group who plays jokes and runs quickly away. Hoping to give you a good report on him soon.

loving Geoffrey from across the sea,


Lindsay said...

Praying for Geoffrey right now! I love that kid...well I love all of them, I'm sure you can relate.

Emily (from JoMO) said...

Praying for Geoffrey, Kimberly!!!!

Ellemieke said...

we will be praying!!!

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