16 October 2009

Pictures 10/16/09

Here's a bit of a mix of Eli and Mattaw kids. For some reason I can't upload anymore pictures and had a handfull more to post. Oh well. A cold front is supposed to be coming in and Old Navy has some good sales right now so I had to go get some 2 yr old and maternity winter stuff since we have none! Here's Eli, he loved his new hat and mittens (although I doubt we'll need them for awhile, at least I hope)

He was eating strawberries so we had to take his shirt off since I couldn't find a bib

Go bears! Although we're mostly Cowboys fans. (but in case you didn't know, my dad played for the bears so we have to sport them too!)

He loves riding all around my parents house on this. If I cant find something, like a battery or pen, more than likely its in the seat of this tricycle!

These are pictures Bud sent me. If you're on facebook you probaby already saw these. Bud titled this one "Just a boy with his chicken" (this is Geoffrey)

Mercy, Nelima, Sophie, and Jenifer. Giving the thumbs up, NOT saying gig em

Euni, Daisy, Maurine in the back. Jeftah and Gracie in front

Our older boys, Victor, John, and David

Our little boys, Nehemiah, Eric and Jose


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