19 October 2009

pictures 10-19-09

Yesterday Laurie came and got us and we went to a pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. It ended up being a lot of fun. It was super busy and at first pretty overwhelming but once Eli got used to it, we all had fun. I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Hi Baba, wanna hear all about my day yesterday?

First mom put me in this really cute sweater that she found in a box out in the garage that my aunt Kim gave me last year for Christmas. Mom got all excited cause it fit me now and it has cute fall colors, whatever that means. But when we got to the pumpkin patch it was so hot and she didn't get any good pictures of me in it.

(this picture is out of order) At the end of the day, Laurie got her turkey leg she'd been so excited to get. I'm sure glad Laurie went, I could tell she had just as much fun playing as I did.

At first I was a bit timid about these characters but then I got used to them and thought they were pretty cool. Aunt Laurie helped me poke my head through this hole.

I saw Buzz and Woody and gave Buzz a hug. His name kinda sounded like what people call you so I thought he deserved a hug.

Check it out! Even the surfer dudes made it to a fall event, guess since it was warm enough

At one point we got so hot and tired but this cup of ice and sugar juice sure helped!

This was before having sugar juice, I didn't want to look at the camera and cooperate but mom insisted since these characters were also on my shirt, I had to check them out to make sure

Then I went into a haystack and walked around aimlessly, I got frustrated

Until I saw mom and I was happy again, she pointed to where I should go, so I listened

And mom was right, I was headed to the end where I got to slide

Then I found what I'm good at finding, a tractor

And we went several times to the big blown up thing that I could jump in. I had so much fun being a monster and bumping into kids

I even saw Barney and tried to give him a pumpkin

We almost had to call you to bail us out

And then we went back to the bouncey place. While mom was about to snap a picture, before she could stop me I bit the rope like a monster, otherwise since it probably wasn't sanitary she wouldn't of let me.

And then we took a break and had this great snack called a corn dog and your favorite drink I remember you talking about, Dr. Pepper.
I hear my great, great grandma really used to drink it at 10, 2 and 4 everyday and she lived to almost be 100, so I think its good for me too and drank every bit of it to the last drop

And that was my day at the pumpkin patch. I wish you could of been there Baba. Next weekend maybe you'll go with me to the one in Houston called the Dewberry farm and we can go play since I know you'd rather play with me than make me take tons of "cute" pictures with everything.
The End.


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