15 October 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

This past weekend we went to Houston for my nephew's birthday party. We also celebrated Eli's with them since his is not far away. My sister in law, Kim, did all the planning and did a great job! Even though the weather wasn't what it was supposed to be, it was still a good party. They had rented a bounce house with tables, chairs, and tents to cover it all and due to the rain, that stuff didn't make it. It was a full house! The good thing is it was a toddler/pre-school aged birthday party, so they really didn't know anything was missing. Here are the pictures, some are out of order but I can't move any pictures around for some reason.
This was a few days before the party, at the mall. Kim and I went with just Eli and Pierce. It was my first chance to buy my sweet pea something.

Eli playing with one of his bday presents. He was feeding Mickey a chip here.

The twins got bikes from my parents but Eli and Pierce were having their share of it.

It was a cars bday party. All the boys were happy with that!

Eli playing with Pawpaw

They each had their own individual cake. Here's Elisha's. Not sure what happened to the picture that shows all four cakes.

Cannon and Pierce blowing out the candles. Cannon and Collin turned 4. Pierce and Eli turn 2.


Eli checkin out his cake

He decided his car made the best eating utensil. He would smash it into the cake then eat.

Or he would dig the fork into the middle of the cake and enjoy

All done!

Thanks cousins for the gift!

I've already got a batch of more pictures waiting to be posted but I'll do that another day. I also have a few Mattaw pictures to put up that Bud sent me. A cold front is apparently coming in and I realized Eli and I have hardly any warm clothes so we shopped till we dropped today, hitting up some great sales. Its crazy to go to the toddler section for Eli's clothes now instead of the baby boy section. Seriously, people talk all the time about how fast their kids grow but you just don't realize it till its yours! More to come...


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