22 September 2009

update, finally! 9/22/09

Hey my faithful blog readers, I know, its been too long! I have more updates to type than my fingers and mind can keep up with. I will make this brief though because I'm not even putting pictures up since my camera is in the room Eli is currently sleeping in.

So here's the biggest update that most of you know by now. I am back to my roots and visiting Texas for a bit! We decided this, I think a month ago. It hasn't been long. To sum it up, momma was needing a break and restful time back with family. Eli and I (and baby) travelled back last Tuesday from Kenya and arrived in Houston on Wednesday. Bud is back in Kenya holding down the fort and taking care of our children. Since this was an unexpected break (we weren't planning to come back until a year from now) I decided it'd be super fun to make a surprise out of it. I planned with my sister in law and got to surprise my mom. It was amazing! My brother and his family moved to Houston this past summer so it worked out that we flew direct from London to Houston. My brother and Kim had asked my mom to come stay with them for a week and help with Dr appointments for the week. My mom totally didn't pick up on anything. Oh first let me back up, the weekend before I flew in my Dad went to drop my mom off. Kim made my mom a birthday cake and put the number of candles on it for how many grandkids they have. My mom saw there was one too many... my sister in law is pregnant! I'm 8 weeks ahead of her. So there's the first surprise. Then Wednesday Kim told my mom she needed to take Tripp "to the dentist". So she left my mom with the twins and Pierce and she came to pick me up at the airport. When we got to their house she went in and had my mom sit down and said they had one last birthday surprise. My mom was like "oh come on, what are you up to" but she sat down and covered her eyes. So me and Elisha stood in front of her, she opened her eyes and surprise! She screamed, cried and laughed all within a minute. Elisha was terrified and took a few days to warm up to my mom. Haha. My brother put the video on his facebook so I'm trying to figure out how to get it on here. It's loud!

Later today I'll make a post about the week before we flew out. My close friend, Lauren, and Hollie's parents came to visit. It was an incredible week. I mean incredible.

surrendered in His love,


Ellemieke said...

Hi precious one,
WOW what a great surprise!!! You are the best!!
Have fun and say hi to your family and Texas from me/us!!!

Rody and Wendy Chesser said...

So glad you are getting a break. Enjoy the rest and let your family love on and restore you!!! Know your friends here in TX are praying for you and Bud while you are apart.

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