23 September 2009

Pictures 9/22/09

Hey, not going to post much except a bunch of pictures, especially so Bud can see our boy. We've been stateside for a week and its been great. It's super difficult being away from Bud though and I'm missing aspects of Kenya, especially our children. Thankfully technology has come a long way and almost everyday Eli and I talk to Bud whether it be through skype, email, chat or phone. Been getting a good fix on food cravings. I think a week of that and now I'm good. It's a good time to be refreshed and allow the Lord to remind me of the vision He's given us. Scripture says "with lack of vision my people perish". Whether it was me perishing or not, there was beginning to be a lack in the vision the Lord was giving me, for my life and for Kenya. But then again, its more of a shift in seasons. I'm not real sure what that looks like but I know He doesn't hide His plans from us but will reveal them in the right time. For now I just seek to go deeper in Jesus, asking for more love and understanding. I did start this out saying I wasn't going to type much and here I am starting to pour my heart out. Ok, more on this later. Here are some pictures...

We went to Nairobi on a Monday and we flew out Tuesday late at night. Bud took the night bus all night Monday night just to surprise us Tuesday morning and spend the whole day with me and Eli. He's the best! Here's Elisha with his Baba at our favorite restaurant, Onami
Eli and his oldest cousin, Tripp. Tripp is by far the cutest and coolest kid his age!

A few days after we flew into Houston we went to the zoo. We thought it'd be a good activity to keep Eli up and have an outing with the cousins.

From left to right: Pierce, Collin, Cannon, Elisha

Collin and Eli giving hugs. So precious. Elisha already looking up to his cousin.

Eli enjoying Dr. Pepper for his dad

Eli and Pierce

in front of the prairie dogs

Pierce and Eli

On our way to get a haircut, a quick nap before we do that!

We went to this adorable place called pigtails and crewcuts. He totally loved it! Here's before...

And here's after! I couldn't cut much off, I told them I just wanted it cut enough to be out of his face in the front and not to look like a mullet in the back. (check out my shirt dad!)

More to come! And happy fall to you all! It's a bit cool here in Keller.


The Beavers said...

wow...excited to hear that you are in the great state! Look forward to seeing you when you get to angelo! 325-212-8001...just incase that got lost along the way...oh and my new e-mail is maryebeaver@gmail.com

Ellemieke said...

great pics!! I know they are for Bud .....but I like them also :-)

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