30 August 2009

Lucy, Lucy, and Elisha: August 30, 2009

Hey y'all. Guess summer is over for most of our blog followers. We have what we consider summer, not because of the weather, but because that's when most of our teams come. So you could say our summer is over too! There's only rainy season and dry season here. Unfortunately the rainy season has been unpredictable and the crops this year are doing really bad. Pray there wont be a food crisis in Kenya.

The children at Mattaw are all doing great. We've had no illnesses except a few having malaria. That's pretty common though. They are all healthy now! They've been on break from school and will start back up September 8th. They have three breaks a year. Christmas time is their longest break. The house parents are now rotating out and taking their breaks as well. We all need one after a super busy summer! They're all doing wonderful as well. Lauren and Hollie's parents will be here in a week! I'm SO excited for them to get here. Lauren came with her husband and kids when we first started Mattaw. They helped with raising funds to buy the property and helped us find it. It's exciting now for her to come back and see homes with children in them! When they left, there wasn't a thing on the property.

The Kenyan woman that keeps Eli some during the week, Violet, came last weekend with her daughter by the house. It was Lucy's birthday and I always bake her a cake. Thank goodness I had a fast and delicious recipe for chocolate cake on hand since I totally forgot. It was fun for Lucy to play with Elisha while they waited. Here's a couple of pictures.

When we went on safari with this last team, Violet stayed at our house with Lucy. Elisha loves playing with her. She is quite a ball of energy!

Lucy with her cake
Friday I went out to the home and took a new outfit for Lucy. This was sent to her from Lisa O. Lucy was acting even more like the little princess that she is. I LOVE the bow!
There hasn't been much improvement on her walking. Every now and then they can get her to walk across the room.

The day before this, she had fallen trying to walk. So she was a bit timid even to stand this day.

This weekend we went to the pool again. Bud could not stand that he wasn't there last time and hearing how much fun Eli had. We didn't spend too much time there though, it was pretty cloudy and the water was cold.

We happened to find arm floaties in a grocery store here but they were too big. He enjoyed them on his arm for about 5 good minutes and then they were toys.
This week is the first of the month so we'll (mostly Bud) be busy with shopping's for the home. Other than that, there's not much on our schedule. Caleb and Ian are at home right now. They also will go back to school on the 8th. Bud enjoys having them around as soccer season just started and they like different teams. Last night their teams played each other. I was totally uninterested! Now if we could watch some American football, that'd be nice! Gotta go run after Eli.... literally.

Love y'all!


Amanda said...

Glad you guys are doing good and have recovered from all the teams! Have an awesome week!

chelsea said...

kim, i love your blog! your son is beautiful. keep up the blogging for those of us who are jealous of your life. also the safari pics were awesome!!

The Beavers said...

where have you been?? hope you guys are well. looking foward to your next post!

Emily (from JoMo) said...

Been thinking about you guys!
Hope all is well!

Emily (from JoMO)

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