03 July 2009


I am SUCH a blog slacker! Go ahead, I know you want to call me that. It has been so busy around here. Today is the first day in awhile that I've stayed home for a few hours when no one else is around. (well except Elisha and Lucy of course) We're all doing really great. Jessie arrived a few days ago. She is from San Antonio. She got connected to us through Kevin Kirkland. I think she was helping with youth at a weekend that Kevin spoke. Hollie went and met her in Nairobi this past week and traveled back with her. This week we've been with the Osborne family. There is also a few college girls from McAllen and Scott who is from Minnesota and connected through McAllen people to us. So we have 11 people here this week! We love the Osbornes and they have just plugged right in and helped in many ways. I can't even think of everything. Lets see.... repairing the kids clothes, making picnic tables, putting the roof on the school, helping organize, clean, washing clothes, loving on our kids. Oh and running with me and going to aerobics. Ha. A few of them are runners so it's been nice to have running buddies this week. We've cooked meals together, fellowship, prayed, and played A LOT of games. The guys are pretty competitive. (or should I say Bud) I have been even more of a slacker at posting new pictures! So I wont say much more but let the pictures update.

The McAllen team went with the kids to the Funny Farm. We ate chips, had soda, and they got a tour. Here is where we ate.
There were random statues around. A lot about nature and history. Such as cave men... I guess this is what an African cave man looked like? It was pretty funny since we just gave Noah a Mohawk and this dude has one too!

Here they are on their tour

At Mattaw, in Penda house. Elisha having snacks with the kids. He doesn't stick out much does he?
These are random pictures. Here is a fruit market in Kitale where I sometimes buy fruit

So we were sitting in the car and I noticed people coming up to this bag in the market. They would pay a few shillings and get a handful of this and put it all in their mouth. I got closer and found out they are termites! Blah!

We took the Jim Farmer team to Lemoru when they were done with their time here. They stayed at Linda's family house so here a pic of me and Elisha with the family. This one is just for you Linda! (don't cry!)

We then stopped by the children's home to say hi. Elisha found a stick and first stared at the cow and sheep.

He then started chasing them! And they ran.

Me with my babies! Eli and Lulu.

The day before our friend Joylyn left. So sad! We're at the coffee shop.

These are the current structures where the school is held. Where the brick is lined out is where the new school building is going up. It's almost finished! I'll have to post new ones SOON!

Pray for good health for all of us. There's a lot of ladies getting congestion and colds. It's going on at the home as well. Most of the children are doing great though. There's just a few coughing that we need to get tested for TB. Praise God my little boy is healthy and happy as can be. He jabbers a lot and is growing too fast! I had to snuggle with him while he took a nap the other day just because I know I'll blink my eyes and wont have a chance for that again. This week his personality has really come out. He is constantly making us all laugh. He's been giving everyone hugs and then goes and climbs a window or something. VERY active little one year old. Ok, that's it for now, I know, long one. Love you all so much.

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Nene said...

I'm so glad you recovered from blog slackerosis. Seeing Kenya makes my day. Today we are seeing some of our great nation.(on the road to NC) Happy Fourth of

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