04 July 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It's official! Mattaw now has its own website! It is:


You'll find all sorts of information on Mattaw including pictures where I'll be able to update it often. It still needs some updating on certain parts but I think it looks so amazing.

Now for some updates. Today we spent the morning taking Raha house children and parents to Captain Davies. We walked around the nature park where they saw zebras, gazelle and rhinos. Then fed the giraffe and rode horses. They had a lot of fun. We had taken Penda house children and parents when the Joplin team was here in March. We thought this would be a good bonding time for just house two children with their parents and our team here. Elisha enjoyed it a lot as well! Although he wasn't too thrilled about feeding a giraffe. I'll post pictures on that next time. Tonight we'll have dinner at Mattaw with our children and team. The Osbornes will fly out to Nairobi tomorrow. Here are some picture updates:

The school building going up

The school building up and almost done! Here is the Kenyan construction crew working away.
Our children in their p.e. uniforms playing games

The guys building the picnic table

Elisha listening to his big brother's (Ian) music this morning

Jessie and Jessica hand washing clothes

Eric, Jennifer and Aaron playing in the tree house. They LOVE that thing

Baby Georgie! He was really sick with chest stuff and the doctor almost admitted him in the hospital. He is much better now!

Elisha off to play in our yard

Happy 4th of July!!!! Elisha and Lucy in their 4th of July outfits today.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. We ate at the coffee shop where they did an American style buffet for us Americans. I really enjoy this holiday in the states, the barbeque's, the lake, fireworks, friends and family. Not a big sacrifice, but just one of those things we give up to be here. Anywho, my sister in law sent Popsicles makers, oreo's with blue cream, Texas shaped ice trays to make jello jigglers, and some other fun American stuff. We really have had a blessed day today though. Much love, Kimberly


Emily (from JoMo) said...

Love the pictures! Miss you guys! I'm excited about the website!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim it's Tiffany from Brighton Park. Please e-mail me if you can. I have some questions for you. (tiffanyclaus@allstate.com) The web site looks great and your little boy is the cutiest!!!

グリー said...
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家出 said...
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