24 June 2009

update, sorry no pictures

Hey, just to bring you somewhat up to date on our week. One of the youth on the team, John, has malaria so please pray for him. He has been a blessing to have around, he is constantly surrendering to whatever the Lord has for him on this trip and is having a great experience. Pray his last few days he'll be back to full strength! The team has been really busy this week, all going in different directions everyday. There is a nurse and doctor on the team so they've mostly been with Hollie. A group of our children have been sick and needing to get checked if it's TB, bronchitis, or chest infection. I think Hollie gets the results today. I was told we shouldn't be sharing specifics on here about the children so just know to pray for a handful of them. Thanks!

I was going to post on here one specifically to Bud. It was Father's Day this past Sunday so I was going to put up pictures of him and Elisha and say a lot of sweet things. Well that didn't happen with a lot going on around here. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for him. He is an amazing father to Elisha and to all the children at Mattaw. They all call him "Baba Bud". Baba is swahili for dad. I got up early Sunday and made him waffles with syrup and peanut butter on top and also some starbucks coffee. "Elisha" made him a sweet card and colored on it. I love you babe!

I fly out today to go to Nairobi. I will be picking up a family of six tomorrow night from Brock, Texas. I am thankful for a few nights away to rest. I know the Lord has given me this time. I can't even remember the last time I had a full day to myself. I think I might shut off all internet and phone connections! The team leaves here tomorrow. We'll come back Saturday. Two girls from McAllen through the BSM are staying here two more weeks. They are sweet young women and I'm glad to get to spend more time with them! There's so many people here and they're pretty quiet so I haven't gotten to know them much. One of them is studying journalism and will be writing bio's on all our children. On Tuesday another girl, Jessie, will fly in. She is from San Antonio and will be here a month. Our house is rockin! But its really good, we love having visitors.

More to come. Pray for UNITY and PEACE... please!

Love you all,


Emily (from JoMO) said...

I will pray for the children who are sick! and also for unity and peace! Thinking of you all daily!
Happy Fathers day to Baba Bud :)!

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