11 July 2009


Here's a quick update. I know, I haven't updated much and I said I was going to. The past 24 plus hours have been a blur. Bud was going to pick up the Phalen's in Brackenhurst, they're a couple from First Baptist Church Keller. Cheryl came last year and has returned with her husband. So we decided the night before that I'd go with Bud so we can get Elisha's shots, Elisha's dependence pass, and my re-stamp of my work permit in my new passport. So we left at 6am yesterday, got to Nairobi in time for lunch at our favorite place Onami, went and got Elisha shots, got Elisha's dependence pass and my work permit stuff (no hassle AT ALL!). All by 3pm! We then had time to swing by the grocery store and get a double espresso milkshake from java house. Whew! We went out to Brackenhurst and met up with the Phalen's where they were staying with a missionary couple from the states. They are with the International Mission Board and have been on the mission field in Africa 32 years! It was fun to stay with them last night and hear some stories. This morning we got up, had breakfast, and headed out. Or so we thought. Our vehicle had some issues just down the road from where we were staying. Bummer. Thankfully it ended up not being anything big but it took all day to get fixed. Elisha and I went with the Phalen's by 11, with a travel company, off to Kitale. We got in just in time for dinner. Thankfully the girls here had made spaghetti for us all. Bud is staying another night with this couple and will head home tomorrow morning. That's that for my update tonight! I'm off to bed. I have many other pictures to update you on from last week but here's a few from yesterday since the other pictures are on my other computer.
Elisha enjoying this yummy Japanese salad, he loved the chop sticks

He was so good at the restaurant. I think he's calming down a bit. (as he's behind me now taking all the books off the book shelf!)

yum, yum

More to come! Much love.



nene said...

all the natural beauty (trees, flowers, etc.) we've been enjoying in North and South Carolina can't touch this.
Love to all.

The Beavers said...

Just checked out the new website...it looks great! And have I mentioned that I love that little boy of yours...he's so cute!

Erin said...

We were with IMB when my parents were missionaries in the Philippines. Just hearing you say "International Mission Board" makes me miss it sooo much!

bob said...

Yes - cool website - and I read this blog ALL the time - every post -

Dalene said...

haha lovin your pink iphone cover! your such a good mom!

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