13 July 2009

captain davies and house two

Hey y'all, doing good here. This morning Suhaily, Jessica and Scott flew out and will fly out of Nairobi tonight. They were such an incredible blessing to have around. Super flexible and servant hearts. We will miss them! Cheryl and John are doing great. Yesterday morning we went to church with them. Cheryl came last year on a team and this is her husbands first time here. They enjoyed the church. We were able to have it in the new school building. Last night we ate sandwiches at the home. They sang and danced for us all. It's so amazing to see how far these children have come in such a short time. Cheryl made a comment that you can tell they are home and have a loving family now. When we pray the girls always want to pray for their sisters (each other). A lot of the kids are still on TB medicine and will be for awhile but for the most part no one is sick. Praise the Lord! And God has graciously protected Elisha and us as well. Lucy is still a little princess and doing great. Her favorite things to do are take a bath, be held, and eat. I think everyone that meets her want to take her home. Too bad she's stuck with me! Hehe. It's going to be hard to part with her one day. She still isn't walking so we're not putting her in house two anytime soon. Ok, here are some picture updates...

These are from when we went to Captain Davies with the Osbornes and other visitors that were here. Victor is one of our newest and now oldest children. He's around 10 yrs old, in 4th grade. The children's department brought him to us.

Our crew walking through the little safari with our kids

Ian getting kissed by a giraffe (or the giraffe is eating food off his head?)

This is David, Victor's younger brother. He is also in 4th grade. He skipped a grade because he is incredibly smart. He is always the first to answer questions and remember anything.

Bud and Elisha. That electric fence there is not working! Lisa touched it!

I really can't remember if I've shown you finished pictures of house two? Oh well, if I did here they are again. Here's the boys room. In person this color is florescent.

The girls room

The Kitchen

Bathrooms! These are used only at night. During the day we have outside toilets (hole in the ground). This helps reduce bed wetting at night.

Love you all. Off to cook dinner, fish and coconut rice.


Emily(fromJoMO) said...

I love the purple and the green! Good choice :)

The Beavers said...

It's great to see pictures of the inside of the house!

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