20 July 2009

another monday

ieI'm so out of blogging that I'm not even sure what to update you on. Let's see. John and Cheryl Phalen were here for a week and just flew out last night. It's Johns birthday today so Happy Birthday John! They were great to have around. Such a sweet couple. Bud took them to Uganda last week to see Watoto. That is the ministry we are modeling after. Our social worker, Humphrey, also got to go with them. It was a quick but productive trip. They got to have some meetings and get some insightful wisdom. They drove one day, spent the afternoon touring around, spent the next full day, then the third day drove home. Cheryl taught a bible study last week at Mattaw and the response was great. Adults around the village were invited to come. They were all so hungry for the Word of God.

Here's for my random updates on us.

Saturday night some missionaries around here got together for games and we made banana bread and took stuff for smores. It was a fun normal thing to go and be a part of! A lot of laughter.

Elisha is coughing in the mornings but it seems to be just from the change of weather... its getting chili at night and in the morning! (not like winter in the states, but close, I'm a wimp though)

Got a sweet care package from my sister in law. It came at a perfect time because I was craving french fries with dipping sauce from chick fil a. She's so thoughtful!

We blew bubbles with the kids for the first time yesterday and they went nuts. And wanted to eat it since it was the smell good kind.

We went to aerobics this past week with a group of us... Hollie, Jessie, Marlies, Ellemieke and myself. It's always fun to go with a group of girls... the best part was watching Jessie and Ellemieke in the back since they didn't really know what was going on most of the time. They did get a workout though. Haha.

That's for my 5 random updates. Now for picture updates...

I don't think I ever put up a group photo from Captain Davies. The white group on the right is Jessie, Maddie, Drake, Bill and Alex. Then there's all our house two kids. I would list the names if you could tell who is who. House two parents, Julius and Christabell. On the left is Suheily, Hollie, Whitney and Scott. Then Jessica, Me, Elisha and Lisa in the front. Bud took the picture and wouldn't get in the picture.

We went to Mt. Elgon a few days after the Osborn family left. It was Bud, Scott, Me, Jessie, Hollie, Suheily and Jessica. We had a lot of fun. Mt. Elgon is absolutely beautiful. It's about 45 minutes from Kitale. We did a lot of driving through and then getting out and hiking around. I'd do it every week if I could! Here's a water buck.

Bud and Scott at the edge of the Elephant view cliff. We didn't see the Elephants though. Durn. We also went to the cliff where Bud proposed to me... awwww.

Really cool monkey. They were super quick and it was hard to get pictures of them.

There's caves througout the mountain. They are bat caves. I mean HUGE caves. We went so far in the back you couldn't see light. Thousands and thousands of bats!
And that was the "end" of our trip.

Like I said, it's been getting cold. It rains almost everyday now. Perfect weather for a fire and smores! Here's Lucy in her jammies enjoying the fire.

He would be cute for the camera so all I got was him stuffing his face with a marshmellow.

More to come...

In love with Jesus...



Emily (from JoMO) said...

Great Pictures Kimberly! I love that you're using the fireplace and making smores! Sounds yummy!

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