22 July 2009

july 22, 2009

It's the most odd feeling to have just our little family in our home. It's nice for it to just be us but we do enjoy visitors and are feeling a bit empty nested. Ha, as if we know what an empty nest will be like. It's been a refreshing week though. We call it our coming back to center week. The center being Jesus. Yesterday, tear, we moved Lucy into house two. I was pretty sad to do that but know it's the right time. The longer we keep her, the harder it'd be for her to transition. Me letting her go is nothing compared to doing whats best for her. The greatest thing is knowing we're putting her into a loving family. Julius and Christabel welcomed her with arms wide open. I gave Lucy a baby doll, her first, and she was pretty distracted by it when we left. The children quickly picked her up and I don't think her feet touched the ground while we were there yesterday. Today they said she did well last night. We said when we get pregnant or when she can walk that we'd put her out in Mattaw. So it was time!

We have one more team come this year. They are from Paulann Baptist Church in San Angelo, TX. It's a group of college students and led by a friend of ours. They arrive August 8th and will be here a week. We'll end the week by going to the Masaai Mara for a safari. Bud and I have never been but now that we have work permits, we can go for super cheap. In September one of my dearest friends in the world, Lauren, is coming with Hollie's parents. They'll be here a week. I have countdown charts all over the house and on my phone. (haha, not really... well maybe on my phone)

Bud is off running around busy as always. There's always so many little things to get done but since we're in Africa it takes much longer than you'd think.

Running after Jesus with all my heart. I'm reminded that life in Christ is not just sitting back waiting for Him to do something but pressing in, running after Him, and asking for more. Jesus is so faithful to meet us where we are. I've been blessed with some new worship music by Kim Walker. She is out of Bethel Church. It's pretty incredible worship. With an open heart you're guaranteed an encounter with Jesus. One of the songs says "You've marked me with your love, I belong to you, it just makes me crazy happy, and I can rest assured because I belong to you." When we have such confidence in Jesus, our faith to go, do and say anything is endless!

Our school almost finished.... just some windows and doors

Jessie left yesterday morning.... I'm so sad! And at the same time so thankful she came. What a great friend!

Ok, this is pretty old but I just found it on my camera and wanted to share. Elisha was such a chub! I think he's just a few months old here. This is my friend Dalene right before she got married. She was one of our interns a few years ago. Love you!

Captivated in His love,


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