20 June 2009

update, june ?, 2009

Howdy! Just a quick update. Things are going great and sometimes I feel like I'm holding on for the ride. I like to ride above the storms though on a cloud in peace. "Rest is not the absence of activity but the presence of peace" -Bill Johnson. God is so faithful and though we are super duper ooper busy, we're still at peace. Don't get me wrong, we got our days and they aint pretty, but its a process and the Lord is teaching, refining, and growing us. The children at Mattaw are good. There have been some sick but they're mostly all recovered. Pray for Nehemiah, Obadiah and Noah for quick recovery. Yesterday Hollie and Nickole went with me to take the three girls that were here from San Angelo to Lemoru. We first went to Eldoret so I could renew Elisha's visa. We still haven't gotten his dependence pass. It was SO easy getting a new visa though especially since he's a minor. The girls did shopping then off to Lemoru we went. It was such a God ordained day in how we ended up in the right places at the right time. We dropped our friends at the family of Shadrac's house and spent a bit of time there. (they all greet you Linda! I'll have pictures to post on here soon) We were welcomed with singing and gifts. We were out quickly and took some chapati's for the road. We went to the children's home where we were greeted with smiles and hugs from all the children. They sang some songs for us, said a lot of sweet things, and we prayed together. I then got to greet the world hope representative, Willie Dengler, and then off we went for Kitale. We met Jim and Julie on the way, said our hello's, then parted ways. It was a good day! Elisha and I were worn out though! We got home and Bud had already gotten our three new visitors from McAllen. Three young ladies. We're glad to have them around! Monday a team of 11 will join them from McAllen. They are doing stuff in Nairobi right now. That's it for now. Pray for good health and protection for us all! We need your prayers. I was about to have a bad flu/cold but became aware and ate well, took vitamins, and prayed a lot. It worked! Love you all. Here's a couple of pics.

When Aubrey was our intern is when we picked up Daniel and Ian from the streets. Ian is still with us, Daniel ran away several times until he was back on the streets for a bit. Challenge farm picked him up shortly after and he's been there since, praise the Lord! He is doing great and has grown SO much since he lived with us! It took him a bit but then he remembered Aubrey. It had been a few years.

Me and my sweet friend Meredith (she lives here in Kitale)




Dalene said...

Daniels getting big!!! And your hair grew so fast!!! Jw how is challenge farm doing? Love you!

bob said...

We talked about you today. we love you.

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