09 June 2009

home 6/10/09

We are back home in Kitale now. I just LOVE home. It's not so much about the actual house or "stuff" but just being in our "home". I love it. The first few days of Nairobi were good. We enjoyed our little family and roaming around the big city of Nairobi. I have pictures I'll have to upload later. One of my favorite times was going on a safari walk at the Nairobi national park. It was similar to a zoo but more spread out and more realistic. But the animals were still fenced in, just not so much caged in. It was a beautiful walk. By day three Elisha was going CRAZY! His schedule was so thrown off and he is used to having a huge yard to run freely in. The nights were not good. Elisha would sleep off and on. We were staying in this Kenyan couples house, they're older, not old, but they have children our age. Late nights and super early mornings for us. So the day before we were going to drive back we were over our limit. We got my passport stuff taken care of, Elisha got his (so sad) shots, and we booked a ticket for me and Elisha to fly back. Bud needed a good nights rest before driving back with a small team that is now here. I needed sanity before we had a house full! As soon as we got home, all peace broke out and we were happy to be home! It's amazing how much little people understand things. Bud arrived yesterday with Jim Farmer, Aubrey and Jessica Sloan, Becca, and Lavina. It is an absolute blessing to have them here! And good news, the website is almost finished. I think you can go to it but it's still being worked on. Once it's official I'll post a link and that will be where you can find Mattaw info and updates in a more formal way unlike this waaaaay informal blog. I write on this blog like I'm sitting down with my mom or best friend over a cup of coffee (and usually I am writing with a cup of jo in hand). The team is doing great and we're off to Mattaw this morning with them. We're going to tackle the back of the container this morning. Its piled high of toys, bedding, books, puzzles, and who knows what else! A lot of goodies for Mattaw that's for sure!

Much love!


The Beavers said...

I love that your blog is like sitting down and talking over coffee. It makes it seem like we are right there with you involved in everything you guys are doing.
Also looking forward to the new site, too!

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